Morning Thoughts

How is it that your surrounded by people you call friends,
Yet still feel so lonely?
The term friend is just used so loosely.
There are only a selected few who want to see you succeed,
While others walk next to you & cant wait to see you trip,
So heres a tip, piece of insight; People are spiteful & most often can’t stand to see you rejoice in the things they cannot obtain ..
It’s commended to have a lot of friends but what’s the purpose if your feeling so self contained?
Your a prisoner within your own mind & body because your too preoccupied with image and portrayal ..
Life is living for yourself because nobody will …


2 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts

  1. jannatwrites says:

    Friendship is an interesting thing. I’ve never been one to have an abundance of people I’d call friends (someone I’d call, or visit with over lunch.) If we all have at least one or two true friends, it’s much easier to handle the detractors (and, unfortunately, they are out there.)

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