Princess, Queen, Warrior

Do you wear a tiara, crown or warrior stripes?
What type of a woman are you?

Are you delicate and traditional?
A man is all knowing,
your somewhat feeble minded and can easily be swayed,
Or is this just how we are portrayed?

A Queen is the evolution of a princess,
ponders what a man thinks,
doubts if she can too take upon his actions,
secretly disguises her true desires,
and acts out when the sun ceases.

A Warrior rejects delicacy,
plays the role when needed,
but much rather create her own rules,
night or day, she is true to thyself,
empowered, enlightened, a determined fighter,
no longer oppressed in this man dominating society,
she has molded and branded the title warrior,
a warrior princess yet queen,
intertwined and can easily be defined.


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