photo 1 (3)

How could you give us up?

Stripped of our true identities and family history.

Thrown into the arms of another to take on your responsibility.

But why?


Little innocent babies brought into this world,

Not given a chance nor choice to live this life we live.


Forced upon a new life,

A new path,

A different life.

photo 2 (3)


Depending on these strangers to love us like their own,

Constantly fighting those who say “you don’t look anything like them”,

Those words cut like a knife,

Embarrassed, confused, hurt.


But is family really all about resemblance and blood ties?


photo 3




7 thoughts on “Identities

  1. chris9911 says:

    Best defense on ignorance like this may be a radiant smile, thick skin, and a great oratorical response. I hope non of these type of people mean it with intent to harm, but of ignorance.

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