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How could you give us up?

Stripped of our true identities and family history.

Thrown into the arms of another to take on your responsibility.

But why?


Little innocent babies brought into this world,

Not given a chance nor choice to live this life we live.


Forced upon a new life,

A new path,

A different life.

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Depending on these strangers to love us like their own,

Constantly fighting those who say “you don’t look anything like them”,

Those words cut like a knife,

Embarrassed, confused, hurt.


But is family really all about resemblance and blood ties?


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Difficult times, time to pull out the weeds


I know I am a little late however; I just want to touch upon this thought in my mind. Hurricane Sandy came & hit hard. Many of us lost power, electricity, water, heat, food, houses, cars, everything or nothing at all. In one shape or form we were all affected one way or another – directly/indirectly. Then to make matters worse there was a shortage of gas! How can we transport ourselves or anyone else w/o gas in our vehicles, how could people power up their generators … ?

I think many of us came to put into perspective how much we are dependent on power, heat, our cars, supermarkets b/c we are not hunter & gathers, etc. I myself lost power for about 2 weeks & I was going absolutely crazy – I was cranky and unhappy among other things. To this day people are displaced from their homes & I cannot imagine how they are coping with their losses. I cannot even imagine how people back in the day lived w/o all the privileges we have at our fingertips. I guess since they never had it they would not know the feeling of losing everything they took for granted.
During this time I saw family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, teachers, etc. all banding together to help each other out. Whether it was offering someone a hot shower, a nice home-cooked meal, a place to stay, some electricity through a shared extension cord from the generator, etc. I saw a lot of good in people however, I also saw how ugly people can get. During this difficult time I was able to see who the weeds were – who were the people that weren’t really “friends” & those so called “family” members that umm ..

All in all my immediate family is all that I need, my love & the tight circle of friends who are my rose buds. All others are weeded out – Winter cleaning! Weeds be-gone!

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