High End Robbery ! Professionals Choice Autobody

I was referred to PROFESSIONALS CHOICE AUTO BODY IN WEST BABYLON NY. They are a “high end” auto repair shop that specializes in Corvettes however, through some connections I ended up at their shop.

Everything began well. I was quite pleased with the services. They helped me with my insurance claim and helped me get into a rental. There was an estimated repair time of 3 days and it ended up being 7′.  They wanted the adjuster to come for additional “repairs” … which they didn’t even actually do.  They quoted my insurance for miscellaneous things and for a new bumper cover which they never replaced.  Mine was refurbished and reused.

When I went to pick up my car, the first thing I checked out was my glove box.  I am 100% sure that I left my ipod touch in the glove box with an ipod auxillary cable. Both were missing. I spoke to the owner and the receptionist and they were both in disbelief. “Oh my workers wouldn’t do such a thing, they make good money. They have been here for years .. I doubt they would steal your ipod.”  The owner tried to belittle me and make me as feel as though I was inferior to him. As if my complaint was insignificant, I feel like I was taken advantage of because I am a female and not driving a corvette.

I also left my odometer reading at 55 miles and when I got the car back it was at 60, my mirrors were adjusted and my gas had been used slightly. I left it with a smidge more than half a tank.  I am not your typical female, I know my car, I love my car & I am very meticulous when it comes to it.
I put my trust in these people and I knew they were a high end service shop so I thought my belongings would be safe.

To my dismay my belongings got stolen even after I gave them $1900 in service.

I am really disappointed.  To some this may be insignificant but it’s just the principal, it is morally wrong to steal no matter how old or new, how expensive or inexpensive something may be.  It doesn’t matter how much or how little amount of money you make.  Stealing is stealing.  Those robbing thieves are being allowed to get away with stealing from customer’s cars and taking them for 5 mile joy rides.  This is bad business and the owner did not want to take accountability of his workers actions.  The majority of us don’t drive corvettes; must we question our prized possessions while they are getting worked on?  How can you or I, feel comfortable leaving our cars at this shop or any other shady auto repair shop out there.

I guess it makes you a real man, a honest & dedicated worker to steal from a full time student working part-time. Pathetic!!!! >_<

This is who NOT to take your car to – http://www.prochoiceautomd.com/    #professionalschoiceautobody


Live, Love, Laugh


I love hard,

I work hard, 

I play hard,

I laugh hard,

I cry hard,

I fall hard,

& get back up and try even harder !


Live life as if “you only live once”

take that opportunity to dance in the rain, 

make your life accountable with endless memories, 

accomplishments, stepping-stones, milestones.

Love like you have never been hurt, 

love without judgment, 

love from within.


Work for the unattainable

leave an immortal legacy

touch the lives of other people, 

work and build, structure your life.


Enjoy yourself, 

indulge, splurge, 

treat yourself every once in awhile, 

hard work pays off

you & I , we all deserve it!



Laugh until your crying with tears, 

laugh until your stomach hurts, 

laugh at your enemies

& those who try to break and bring you down, 

laugh in everyone`s face when you prove your better off than them.




Cry until your channels run dry, 

let it all out, 

cry from joy, pain, anguish, 

life is an emotional journey.




Failure just proves you didn’t try hard enough, 

or that it wasn’t your time, 

it`s an opportunity to look at yourself,

evaluate, learn and grow, 

examine and re-deliver.


Live, Love, Work, Play, Laugh, Cry, Fall, Succeed