Keep Calm & Carry On ?

I thought last summer Session A had me a little on edge & over worked but this summer Session B will be the death of me I`m convinced.  I am taking 2 classes at a time, both require a chapter to be read in 3 days with quiz’s & exams. :-0 .  They are both are night courses and I work in the morning and day.

People at work doubt that I will be able to succeed in which makes me want to fight & prove them wrong!

Sometimes I feel like I try to take on too many things at once but when I complete the tasks it gives me great satisfaction. Last week was my only week off & this week began the second session – crunch time :-0 !!

After my week off I was ready to take these courses head on then my car decides to flake on me!!  Perfect timing eh? NOT! In time of need and of some assistance you know who your real friends are && how family can be your one true backbone!

Despite the mini challenges I will meet these quick upcoming weeks, I am truly blessed to live the life I live with the small circle of people in it <3.

I am always in a rush to get things done and sometimes have too much on my plate, I do it to myself!  I almost had a near death experience today while driving to work & it just put things into perspective.

I need a well needed break lmao & I need to go pamper myself. hahaha.

I wish I had more time to read all your wonderful blogs & comment, && that I was able to produce half as much of the things I see you all produce!


           –  xoxoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken