Broken But Pieced Together

Broken up inside,

From the person I once loved,

Dead my heart and soul,


I denied your love & acceptance.

Finally I let myself go,

Waiting for your love and acceptance.

Never did I thought I would fall in love again,

Now I know what it feels like to love.

Sometimes we have to suffer,

In order to experience the good,

With you I have had unforgettable experiences,

I hope that this is real,

Because from this dream I would not want to wake. ❤

Xo E.Lyn Ortiz

Roto por dentro,

Por la persona quien antes ame,

Muerta, mi corazón y el alma,

Con miedo,

Negaba el amor que me quieras dar.

Finalmente me deje llevar,

Esperando el amor y acceptencia.

Nunca pense caer en el amor,

Ahora se lo que es amar.

Hay veces hay que sufrir,

Por sentir lo bueno,

Contigo yo hay tenido experiencias inolvidables,

Espero que esto sea real,

Porque de este sueno no quiero despiertar  

–        Xo E.Lyn Ortiz 


5 thoughts on “Broken But Pieced Together

  1. jannatwrites says:

    I like the way you wrote the poem in two languages. I don’t know enough Spanish to be able to read that version, but the language looks beautiful!

    “Sometimes we have to suffer, In order to experience the good,” – this is so true. It can take going through misery to open our eyes to all that is good.

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      thanks for reading!!

      I originally wrote it in Spanish & then I was like, I must translate it to share it 🙂

      && yeah I think that quote of mine you chose is quite true. Suffering then gives us a platform from which we compare how good we actually have it eventually!

  2. New View From Here says:

    “Sometimes we have to suffer,

    In order to experience the good,”

    Oh my, isn’t that the truth! You did a really nice job with this, and I also love the fact that you published it in two languages. (even if I can only read one…lol)

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Thanks for reading !! & that quote of mine that you chose has proven true in my life & prob even for most ppl out there 🙂

      The original poem I wrote was initially Spanish so I figured I would make an English version to share!

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