Racing Through Life, Slow Down ?



We sometimes race through life and don’t take enough time for ourselves.  I often find myself anxious, nervous and stressed out.  I realized that it is taking a toll on my health.  I am physically & emotionally drained.  It is time for me to slow down…

It is hard to fathom that at age 21 my health will be hindered for the rest of my life and I will be dependent on medication.  At the age of 18 I had a Cardiac arrhythmia and spent the night in a hospital bed, thinking why me?   How could this have happened?  My heart rate was extremely high, my pulse was as high as 200bpm!

It was a traumatic event but I was able to move on with little to none complications && now at the age of 21 I have been diagnosed with Hypertension High Blood Pressure just this passed weekend. 

My mind went blank …  I am overly consumed with questions, comments, concerns, confusion, sadness, shock, etc.  I want to wake from this dream but this is my reality 😦



19 thoughts on “Racing Through Life, Slow Down ?

  1. zen and the art of borderline maintenance says:

    Yes, slow down. We weren’t meant to be so busy. If you ever get the chance, watch: Stress: Portrait of a Killer. If you have Netflix, it’s there. It’s very much worth watching. We humans, well, we are so smart, yet, lol, we really have gotten so far from the way we were meant to live. From what I read, this is happening, the HBP, at younger and younger ages. There is a reason why. Our lives are too fast-paced. Love to you.

  2. Titillating Thoughts says:

    I would tell you slow and steady wins the race, but it depends on who you are racing. If you are racing someone who is fast and steady your screwed…But that saying doesn’t take into account those people. Stupid saying…lol

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Yeah, as of now I have to make a conscious effort to live my life slow & steady even though I like to live in the fast lane lol. Hopefully my health isnt something thats clocked against me racing fast & steady ..

  3. jannatwrites says:

    Well, your diagnosis is a wake up call, but not a death sentence. In addition to the standard diet and exercise, there are medications. (My husband is on HBP meds.) I think our mind has a big impact on our health. Stress is a result of how we approach things – do we internalize a criticism or do we shrug it off? Do we freak out if we’re late for an appointment, or do we take a deep breath, exhale and accept that we’ll do the best we can?

    I hope you are able to make positive changes to ease your stress. You’re so young, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back – especially your health!

  4. New View From Here says:

    You are picking the most awesome pics to go along with your posts! You just keep getting better and better with this blog. 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about the HBP…I’ve had it at times. It’s always been times when I’ve been feeling stressed. There are some great quotes & books to help us remember to just relax. The Bible is the best book IMHO, but “Who moved my cheese” is another good book—and very short.

    A great quote (not that I say it to myself nearly enough…lol) is “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember IT’S ALL SMALL STUFF!” 🙂

  5. chris9911 says:

    It could be worse. You can be my age and be diagnosed with those conditions, and that would be far worse than being diagnosed at such youthful age. Your body is naturally stronger and with the rate of modern pharma, there might be something for you in coming years. Hang in there and keep smiling. Why worry about things you don’t have control over. You need to put all your brain cell juice into figuring out how you are gonna get behind a Dodge challenger! Now THAT is far more important in life than that thingie you mentioned above 🙂

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Yeah I guess it could be worse but its difficult to accept this, I also have 2 leaky valves. That day was a hard day for me, yet it wasn’t my first. Now I am being sent to some cardio doctors because I haven’t been fully diagnosed.

      I am trying to stay strong & positive. Your right, I have yet to drive that DODGE Challenger/Charger !!

  6. chris9911 says:

    Having followed your blogs for some time now, I know what your dreams and goals are. I also know you are a pretty smart young lady with unlimited writing potential. Why do I bring this up? None of your physical issues will be bad enough to stop you from achieving your goals. It may hinder you at times, even embarrass you at times, but it will never stop your forward progress, unless you let it. You’ll figure out a way to deal with it and work around it.
    Surround yourself with good people and just stay focused on your goals 🙂

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      “It may hinder you at times, even embarrass you at times, but it will never stop your forward progress, unless you let it. ” Wow this comment was quite powerful, thank you for taking the time to write out this well thought out comment!

      && surrounding myself with good people is definitely what I am doing. The support system is awesome, I couldn’t ask for better!

      Family, friends, & the people like you within this blogosphere are great buffers & keep me grounded ❤

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