Oblivious then Found

Their once was a girl who was oblivious to young teen love.  She didn’t pay much mind to boyfriends and enjoyed having the company of just friends.  But one day a guy approached her and tried to grasp and maintain the attention of her pretty eyes.  He introduced himself as Gerson and she as Emily.  Starting off with a truthful relationship, 3 months later Gerson leaves Emily to go to Florida for a few months.  He selfishly promised to return to be with her, however many months went by.  So, Emily who opened up her heart was left with the question – “why me?”

She was confused as to why he would do this to her but didn’t regret meeting him because they shared the best 3 months of her life.  Emily then found herself vulnerable and allowed anyone to be an eligible boyfriend, in search for that fulfillment of emptiness.  She never let them stick around long enough though…

Gerson kept in contact with her and continued to be her best friend.  But one day Emily opened up her eyes and realized that he may never return and that the boys she was trying to use as replacement wasn’t going to cut it.

So she isolated herself from boys to become independent and learn how to love herself.  About a year went by, and this new young defined now 17 year old young lady was set out into the unpredictable world.

Soon after Gerson tried contacting his lost love.  He called her, she stared at her phone and then finally answered.

She said “why me?”

He replied.  “What are you talking about?”

Emily: “It figures you’re still clueless.  It`s sad.  I have finally decided to finally move onto bigger and better things!”  With that last comment was a CALL ENDED from Emily`s behalf.  She was now left with a cheek to cheek smile at her growth in character.


Summer 2007

Written by me when I was 16 years old.  I enjoyed this short story, so I have decided to share it.  Reflecting on some of the things I have wrote in the past amaze me.  Do any of you go back to something you once did or wrote & are like “Did I really write this or that?” & “Did I really do that?”  I feel like my writing style has a similar voice and has slowly evolved and matured.


5 thoughts on “Oblivious then Found

  1. jannatwrites says:

    Being a teen is so hard! The good news is that the scars make us stronger and smarter (with the teens a distant memory, I know this is true). I’m glad the relationship ended on Emily’s terms.

    I so related to this story – I allowed my first boyfriend to mess with my head for 4 years. Finally, I had my say and we never spoke again.

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