Light, at the End of a Tunnel

This picture I took intrigued some thoughts.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel && if you are not able to see the light, then maybe you are facing the situation the wrong way.

The light at the end of the tunnel I will apply to my writing journey.  In a nutshell …

My love for writing began in Middle School.


I wrote rhymes and lyrics then I started to write poetry.  All related just a different way of expressing my thoughts.  Words, thoughts, emotions poured out of me constantly making this writing process a daily routine.  Slowly as I grew up and became consumed with school, work, etc I wrote less.

Finally college bound, I figured I would take up writing again.  Poetry was my first option but then I was introduced into composing Opinion/Editorial articles.  I loved it; I did Fashion & Opinion pieces.  My newfound niches.

Experienced and thinking I could take this writing thing up again at my new college I was sadly rejected!  My ego was shattered; my work was not good enough to be printed.  I categorize myself as an Opinions writer – my writing was said to be “too personal” & that I used “too many rhetorical questions.”  Not given much direction or any other help I decided to finally pick my ego back up and revise these articles.  “Passion” & “LIFE through a Young Lady’s Stance” are the two that I submitted for review after it was revised.  I built myself up again to only have my work DENIED once again.  I was frustrated, flustered, confused, etc.  My writing was rejected because it didn’t meet the requirements of the college && that is a whole other battle! …  There are things printed that I view as not meeting college requirements, but hey that’s just me…

LIFE through a Young Lady`s Stance, had a good review & I was quite overjoyed that someone was able to relate to my article.  Wasn’t to personal was it now?!  Sandra was able to take my thoughts into consideration && even as an advice tool.  It makes me feel quite amazing knowing my writing has touched someone, near or far in any shape or form.

My blog post on Passion was able to speak to my fellow blogger Diana.  This was a great feeling that a complete stranger is calling my work amazing!  && to top if off, she read it twice & took notes from MY BLOG!  My little ‘ol blog ❤.  It is the little things like this that make me want to continue what I am doing.  Even if it is just one person to comment, one like, or one “read” – at least my thoughts have reached someone else & its great when they can relate to my writing in any way.

This particular blogger had over 3,000 hits on his page & took the time to come visit my blog.  A blog that has just begun and is striving to barely reach 100hits per day, gets a compliment from one who is overwhelmed with bloggers.  He pointed out Justin Bieber had over million+ views however I feel like – people like you & I who are able to accumulate views hold more validity that Justin Bieber.  It is all because of his fame that he is able to get so many views.  I rather see the work of REAL people ..

I love the comment “New View From Here” made.  “I think it’s incredible that you just decided you wouldn’t be stifled and went out to “find your own voice” with your own space!”  Quite frankly, his statement is actually quite accurate; I was longing to have a voice and was in search of the right space to solidify it.

Contemplative at first whether or not I should continue to write, I am sure glad that I have stumbled upon & have interacted with such great people within this blogosphere.  We are all linked to this community in search of our own spaces to release our voices.  Whether it is within an audience of 50 hits or a million hits, our voices are being heard in one shape or form.

For those who have been bashed or discouraged, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

& the light at the end of the tunnel applies to any situation, stay positive, keep moving forward and look for alternatives ..

Thanks for reading & I am appreciative of everyone who has “liked”, “commented”, or just read a blog post.  Those off & on the blog community, thank you.  I am very appreciative of all those who support me.  To name a few –  Yvette, Rachel, Jancy, Elma, Irene, Denzel, Kielce, Angie, Terrico, etc.

& Special thanks to my first REBLOG ever ! – The Collaborative Writer

The Bloggers I have mentioned!  All have amazing blogs, check them out!



New View From Here


10 thoughts on “Light, at the End of a Tunnel

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Your quite welcome! Not everyone will like or understand our writing however there will always be another who will appreciate our writing style & lingo.

      We should never give up something that is our Passion & something that gives us satisfaction!

      I have been writing for a few years also & this is my first attempt at posting it into a blogosphere too. The farthest range my writing has gone was an auditorium filled with people, my college campus & my job lol. Now it is here for many more to see & experience.

      We must keep the hope!

  1. chris9911 says:

    hmm, my little avatar resembles lot like the guy on a bicycle, above…lol. Thanks for taking us through your journey on how you got here. Rejection by one college is certainly a very minimal setback, considering how many other sources of audience there are around the world! At some point you will look at your blog stat and wonder, “I can’t believe so-and-so read my blog from Morocco?”
    Folks that reviewed your material, in that college, is only one set of audience. I think you are all loaded and ready to blast out of that tunnel, sometime real soon 🙂

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      LOL. Its quite the match isn’t it haha.

      & that is true, seeing my work being read my people in different countries will definitely have me thinking .. Really?!

      I am trotting through this tunnel, taking baby steps & just focusing on that light at the end of the tunnel. Whether it is just for leisure or I pick up a job from it –

      This blogging community is where my voice has found its little space among other wonderful individuals. 🙂

  2. jannatwrites says:

    I’m glad you didn’t give up, and instead, found an outlet for your writing. It’s good to remember that not everyone is going to like everything we writie – it’s so subjective. If you’re writing for you and it speaks to someone else, too – that is a wonderful feeling!

    I stopped writing for many years (fifteen years) because of ‘negative’ feedback. (I was young – early college). Several years ago, unhappy with my job, I asked myself, “what I would do if I could do anything in the world?” My answer: write novels. I wrote a novel and amassed a collection of ‘no thanks’ responses from agents who bothered to repsond at all.

    The difference between the younger me and the me I am now is that I didn’t quit. I still write. I figure any writing I do is practice and I will improve. One day, I will be an author. That’s my light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 (Sorry about the long comment)

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Don’t apologize for the long comment. I appreciate your commentary && you sharing a little piece of your writing journey! 🙂

      I am glad that you have found & acknowledged the light at the end of your tunnel.

      Never give up your writing, It def. is true – some will dislike our writing but there will be others out there who will appreciate it. I am sure one day you will be an author! Don’t forget us little people! lol hahaha 🙂

  3. New View From Here says:

    Wow! I’m humbled to get a mention here! And 100 hits/day is really good! (not *those* kinds of hits, mind you…save those brain cells!) 🙂

    I’m assuming the “rejections” came from some type of journalism professor? That’s funny, b/c most of America has begun to “reject” mainstream journalism. Not that I believe “classic journalism” is without merit—quite the contrary, I think it is crucially important for us to remain a free society. However, the way most Americans receive news/opinion pieces/etc is rapidly changing & journalism departments need to encourage students to be a part of that “wave” & make some “waves” of their own.

    “Light at the end of the tunnel” is a great post, with an awesome opening! This opening is perfect for the picture & the write:

    “There is always light at the end of the tunnel && if you are not able to see the light, then maybe you are facing the situation the wrong way.”

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