Time Will Tell

The new breed of a butterfly…

she was so vibrant,

she was just at home in the multicolored garden of roses.

Her wings were so colorful,

Sometimes blended into the red colored rose petals,

And when the leaves started to bud,

She would shade a slight shade of green.

It all began about 21 years ago,

She was in a cocoon waiting to blossom,

Like a rose she sprouted,

And continues to flourish.

Birthed, released from the womb,

She swirled and hurled about in the wind,

Landed on an odd maple brown tree,

She felt comfort,

Everything around her so peaceful and gentle,

Still so young she longed to be consoled.

Live and love life,

Carefree, carefree,

Feeling security,

Within her strong veins,

Head strong and nothing can go wrong,

Nothing can go wrong and she can’t be stopped,

Her wings are stoned gray,

Pain runs through her veins,

A void leaves her hollow,

Black, a touch of darkness upon her wing,

Slowly but surely,

Life goes on,

Time will tell,

Yellow with optimism.

Red for passion and desire,

Moves forward,


Be grateful,


Her wings a shade of blue,

Feeling of stability,

Tranquility and confidence,

Who is she?

Who will she become?

She is not ashamed of anything thus far,

Lives and learns her lessons,

Moves in the right direction,

Don’t back track.

Pleases herself,

And lives just for her,

Nothing is promised,

Things are always temporary,

And where something ends,

Another begins.

An orange sunrise upon her horizons,

She touches a piece of her future,

And sees a bright outlook,

Transformation and purple in exchange,

Dream, Achieve and Aspire.

Peachy with accomplishment,

Time for settlement,

Unified with a bright life,

This multi-colored butterfly is immortal,

There are no boundaries and she will always be free…


6 thoughts on “Time Will Tell

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      yes, that is definately true. Poetry is open to interpretation to each reader & its audience.

      && yes my poem is speaking of stages that we go through. It was my personal narrative from birth, to now && then comes the future 🙂

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