Semper Fi

I have always drove past this memorial, and while I was on my way to the park I decided to pull over & walk over.  Located right on Nichols Road, busy with rush hour traffic but it was just me, CoCo Chanel, Angie, Rachel & the Veteran Memorial.  It was quite a nice site and it was dedicated to the Islandia, New York Veterans.  The pavement was laid out in beautiful bricks & the Veterans name each had their own name plate with their name etched.

Dedicated to all Veterans who are currently serving, enlisting, lost their lives and those touched by these courageous characters who have/will serve our country through all military services/fields.

&& to my Bro-In Law who`s a Marine Corp`s Veteran.

United States of America Pride, the flag must not touch the ground =)


7 thoughts on “Semper Fi

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      lol, yeah it is quite an advantage for those of us who can live our lives but somewhat a disadvantage to those who serve us – they aren’t necessarily living their lives fighting war.

      Well I dont see fighting wars as living life but those who day may not be able to see their lives w/o it ..

  1. ToggyOrderedChowder says:

    That’s a beautiful memorial. 🙂 There are places I also get intrigued by everytime I drive by. I’ve made time to stop by some of them, but then new places catch my eye all of the time! It’s an ongoing cycle! lol 🙂

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