FUERZA BRUTA “BRUTE FORCE” is a play given in the Daryl Roth Theater in NYC.  It is a completely non-verbal performance in a club like scene, it is not a traditional looking theater.  Dance, music, acrobats, intense aerial imagery, and awe-inspiring visual displays.

The audience is on foot the entirety of the performance and everyone’s directed to move around en masses to make way for raised platforms and other changing scenery through out the play.  The Actors freely mingle throughout the crowd and encourage you to join in their tribal dancing and shouting.

There is a small plot, a reoccurring theme of a man running through rain, harsh winds and brick walls.  Then he is mysteriously joined by two others who face a peak and have to jump; the running continues.  Throughout the play it isn’t quite clear if he is running away or towards something.  In the very beginning though he was shot twice … hmm?..

There are two dancing scenes evoking the emotion of joy and feeling excitement.  Every move is exaggerated and you know that they feel the rhythm within in them, even while walking throughout the crowd you can taste their energy.

This was one of my favorite scenes!  There was an imagery of a pool above our heads.  It was quite amazing to see these actors create these images above your head.  The pool side vibe made you feel like you were in an aquarium and you wanted to see the sharks from behind the glass.  Then as they come closer you want to tap on the window to get their attention, try to get them to link hands with you through the glass.  They were dancing and playing around while creating art with their silhouettes.


The play ended & I wanted more! Fuerza Bruta ended with a small dance club scene, with a Dj that was hyping up the crowd.  You were encouraged to dance, get wet and squeeze in for a Facebook picture.  This was an interactive play giving you a 360 view. Dance, music, acrobats, intense aerial imagery, and awe-inspiring visual displays.


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