Dream or a scheme for a vote; Dream Act

“The DREAM Act is a bipartisan proposal that would create a pathway to citizenship for thousands of young students who were brought to the United States as children.”  This dream act was started by a Dream Activist and is currently being petitioned by “the President of the United States, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives.”  The Act was also drawn up for a vote in 2010 however this Dream Activist and their undersigned of 4,807 are asking Congress and the President to pass this now in 2012.

The Dream Act

The DREAM Act has been stalled in Congress for the past ten years“If enacted, immigrant youth will be able to fulfill their goals and live freely in the country that has seen them grow.”  However, if this youth are natural born citizens then they wouldn’t be facing deportation like the petition states; “despite growing up in the United States, young people continue to be taken away from their homes and separated from their families and friends.” Families are only being torn apart if they are not American citizens; they are not being torn apart if they are citizens in this country and for the most part it is usually the parents who are illegally here.  The children are usually born on our land and raised in this country.  Either way in most states undocumented aliens are already granted rights to school/college in most states.  Do you think these people should be able to receive financial aid, Pell, Tap and other grants and or scholarships once they are granted these rights?  In this economy, while funds are scarce for those who are eligible now, can they afford to have another million+ on the band wagon?  Or will there be a benefit in the long run, a larger working force paying taxes and doing their share?  Should these people continue to work and struggle their way through college or shall they be granted an equal share of help as the American citizens do?

To Pass or Not to Pass

This bill would provide a path of citizenship for some children of undocumented parents; it would offer permanent residency to undocumented high school graduates who enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces or attend college.  This would be just one step to overhauling the immigration system; the Obama administration is doing all that it can to creating a more humane immigration system.  The Obama administration are tackling the deportation of those undocumented with criminal records and trying to limit deportation to break up families.  I am all for deportation of those scoundrels that want to come here and destroy this country!  Those who are doing nothing but creating crime, vandalizing and terrorizing communities within gangs should be removed from this country.   Now for those who really do come to America in the pursuit of happiness and all other American Dream clichés, do they deserve an immigration system in their favor?  Can they be an asset to this country or is there no benefit?  What is right and what is wrong?  Technically we all are immigrants and or our ancestors were.  Who determines what an immigrant is?  Will it be a fair and just system or will it be something like the “Arizona Act?”

The Untold

Supporters claim that the act is only for children however under most DREAM Act proposals amnesty would be given to individuals up to the age of 30 while some others don’t have an age limit. The proposal can possibly open the door to massive migration into this country for those in hope who want a bite of the DREAM Act.  Most proposals don’t force illegal immigrants to comply with regulations of enlisting in the Armed forces or attending college.  There are too many written drafted DREAM Acts and if it were to be passed, they should all have a strict enforcement and clearly state its guidelines and requirementsWhat do you think?  Where do you stand?  Are you for the proposal, against the DREAM Act, undecided, confused, you don’t want to get involved, blah, etc.?

Some may question if the DREAM Act proposal is being voiced in order to help the immigrant population especially the Latino community or are they being used as a political toy?  Is it a scheme or a true proposed reality of a DREAM Act?


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