Initial impressions may not always be the Real YOU


What do people base their impressions on?  Their biases, your appearance, demeanor, etc.  Do you know how other people may perceive you as?  How people look at you in the work field; how your friends or your family may view you? We are constantly being judged.  The way we view ourselves may not always be the viewer’s initial impression.

Person perception can be very subjective and these impressions are quite often judged quickly with very minimal information.  We use physical cues and social categorization when making these initial conclusions.  We tend to focus on the obvious physical appearance or attributes, then we tend to place people into social categories; age, gender, race, occupation.  This is all done unconsciously and it’s almost automatic.

Working Force

In the work field, I am seen as quite mature.  I am efficient and diligent, I get the job done!  At my current job, everyone seems to love me except one individual – the weasel.  Other than that, my work environment is quite comfortable.  At my second job that I held for 6+ months, HomeGoods all the women who entered were constantly complementing me.  “Oh you should be a model”, “You’re so pretty, and wow you’re beautiful”But am I really that beautiful?  I feel as though these people haven’t been exposed to a minority population.  Or maybe they have been and they really do think I am that beautiful!  I think judgments are sometimes based on our environment.  How do people at your job see you?

A young co-worker complemented me through Facebook and said I had “grown woman swag”.  Which I thought was pretty awesome.  Sometimes I get called an old lady, but at the end of the day I don’t take it so much as a dig, I receive it as “I am wise beyond my years”.

College Views

Professors, such as my current professor in my Communications class views me as a beautiful young lady.  She pointed out about three males in the class and then there was me … & of course everyone had to turn around and see who she was complementing.  Appearance is communication, and my professor says my demeanor communicates maturity.  My make-up is always done nicely, hair is always looking cute, and my attire isn’t just a hooded sweater and sneakers.  She said there is something mystic about me.  This made me smile, I was quite flattered.  Out of all the students in the class, she chose to complement and talk about me.  It actually gave me some confidence. 

At school some students may view me as quiet, shy, mean, bougie.  Initially I am usually quiet and tend to keep to myself.  But when these people get to know me and are in my comfort zone, they think quite the opposite.  Sometimes my shyness is perceived in a negative light.  How can I change this?  I try to smile more often, make eye contact and reach out to people.  After people know the real Evelyn they say I am quite funny and a pretty nice person.  How do co-workers view you and are their views different based on their age and generation?


My friends see me as mature and as a busy bee.  Focused.  My family knows me better than anyone else and they see that I am my mother’s push over, diligent in school and work and as someone who goes after what she wants.  I’m a fighter!

My views |  Conclusion

Evelyn Ortiz is a shy person until she is comfortable; then she is this vibrant, funny, boisterous person.  In school I usually keep to myself and I am focused.  At work, I like to keep busy and get things done.  I am not stuck up or mean.  “My attitude depends on you.” LOL. && I am not stuck up, it’s more like being a little high maintenance.  I take care of my attire/appearance and I love Fashion!  The way we see ourselves and the way the world sees us may be totally different sometimes.  I challenge you to ask around.  Ask a co-worker, professor, friend, etc. how they view you.  Are you a good friend, a decent worker, an excellent student?  Tell them to be honest.  Their perceptions may be on point with your ideal image or it may not be.  How can you change this?  Be aware of the person the world sees you as.  However, we may become aware but we can’t always change someone’s initial impressions.  They are so subjective and based off of many factors …


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