Why Work? What is Work?

v     What is work?

  • Work is the actions that involves mental or physical efforts, it can be paid or unpaid; it can be full-time, part-time, or seasonal.
  • What one person may consider work another may consider it to be leisure or easy.  Work is work, and it is defined differently among individuals.
    • What constitutes work to you?  A stay at home wife with their children, a blue collared job career or a white collared job career?

Is it still considered a job whether or not you get paid?  I think so, some may not.

v     Why work?

  • Money is everything, what would you do without money?  We work for the money, to be productive and maybe even to keep busy.  Some of us are working to pay off school or car loans.  Many of us need to work to get us through school, to put gas in or car or for transportation, we need it for food, etc.  The main reasons are usually to gain financial independence.
  • If we didn’t work and we would rather enjoy leisure, about how long could we enjoy not working until the pleasure of enjoying this wears off.  How long could you go without making money?  Where would you be?  To have the leisure it takes money to maintain.

v     Money is power!

  • I don’t think that we would be able to survive without making money and working.  Goods and services wouldn’t exist without the use of money.  Think about it…
    • Most of us work to keep up with costs.
    • We live in a modern day society where we are dependent on things such as buying food, water, clothing, shelter, electricity, etc.  Which are all things that we cannot obtain individually.

v     Job Gratification

  • We are satisfied if we feel as though we are exceling at our job.  No one wants to be put down at work and not feel efficient.
  • We are usually satisfied with our jobs if it fulfills us in any shape or form.
  • If we love or enjoy what we do, sometimes it is not even considered work.
    • Rewarding – When our jobs meet our material needs and financial obligations.  “It can’t be all work and no play”- we need to also be able to get materialistic things out of it.


Obervations – A lot of people are content with their jobs and those that aren’t just sit there, mellow, and complain.  If you don’t like/enjoy your job, then look for another and if you choose not to – you just have to bite the bullet.  Professionalism should be maintained at all times in a work place no matter the circumstance despite how much you despise your job.  Some people just look at the current situation and not at the bigger picture, “money is the motive.”


3 thoughts on “Why Work? What is Work?

  1. Jancy says:

    Yayy for independent ladies like us!! Our hard work now will only pay off in the end. I stay motivated thinking about a better tomorrow for myself and my future family etc. Just want to live life the way I picture it, all it takes is sacrifice, determination, and our utmost effort. Never give up; and work is work whether you get paid or not, if you don’t earn the income, you’ll def gain experience. Besides volunteer work is not as bad as it sounds…just some people are not as charitable as others smh. But yes, you and I sorta have the same approach/idea of definition of work. We might as well do a lot of it while we’re young. 😉

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Yes I agree, && I love that. “Just want to live life the way I picture it..” That is the motivation that keeps us going and it takes no other than WORK lol. The common thread between the luxuries and financial obligations. People constantly complain not realizing they should be pretty thankful to currently hold a working position. They want things easy and not work for it, but that usually gets people no where haha. I agree though, work is work despite being paid or unpaid and it is definitely a learning experience.

      && Great Minds think alike ❤

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