How many deaths must be mourned by an illegal hand gun?



How many deaths must be mourned and how many people must be injured before federal gun laws are strengthened to get illegal guns off the streets?  This is an issue in New York City and on Long Island.  Within a two week span; A NYPD police officer was shot and killed in Brooklyn, three adult males were shot and wounded in Huntington Station, and three men were shot in Central Islip along with a few shootings in Brentwood.  What is the common thread that ties these stories together?  The use of an ILLEGALLY obtained gun.


All states should have a universal strict policy on the purchases of guns so that these criminals can’t get their grubby fingers on them.  Most of these unlicensed guns are purchased with the intent of usage during an act of a crime.  Peter Figoski, the veteran NYPD officer from West Babylon was shot by an illegal obtained gun purchased in North Carolina.  The shootings in Huntington, Central Islip and Brentwood were all in the hands of an illegally obtained gun.


Guns can be safe when used and stored properly, and should be legal in the hands of owners who know how to appropriately operate and store them, and understand safety protocols.  What gives the right to these assailants to pick up a gun and open fire?  How is it that they can just attempt to take the lives of others – there is no rightWho are they to take someone’s breath away?  These acts leave me quite speechless, how dare they?  It is quite mind boggling to me that these aggressors believe that is okay to disrupt the lives of these victims, and their families.  These victims can be a father, a brother, a son, veteran and victims abroad can be a mother, daughter, sister, veteran, as well – anyone can be a victim to a merciless crime if they are in the wrong spot at the wrong time.  Gun laws should be strengthened, more strictly enforced, and regulated in all states to prevent these criminals from obtaining a hand gun!


Guns are being used to settle disputes, within gang related activity .. protection? .. etc.  Too many people are resulting to the use of a hand gun to handle certain situations and it is just out right wrong!  Who wants to be shot while seated in their car minding their own business?  Who wants to be shot over a heated argument in the streets, who wants to be shot over rivalry?  Who wants their life to come to a haltering end just because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?  It kind of makes you want to shelter yourself into a box and not come out until it is quiet and safe; but when will this ever be?  This is not something we should have to accept, but something we shall forcibly fight against as ONE to make our communities a better and safe environment to live in.




***The above examples of crimes committed under the use of an illegal hand gun is only a small minuscule representation, not even a fraction of the ruthless crimes committed obtained by an illegal hand gun.***


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