“Brentwood” Doesn’t Define Who We Are



  • Create “Brentwood” don’t let it create you!

It is not a way of life, form or manner of speaking, definition of who we are; it is a location, the town you live in, a geographical point of latitude and longitude on a map, it’s a setting.


It is nothing but a nine letter word that we ourselves paint and bring to life. You are the artists and the conductors so it is up to you to paint that canvas or conduct thy way of living the way you want things to be. Stop blaming things on “Brentwood” – it is not a person that has any faults; these negative connotations that are brought upon this town is nothing less than the fault of those that derail and choose to do the wrong thing which bring forth this negative image. Look at yourself in the mirror and peer into yourself as an individual – are you impacting, changing, damaging or effecting “Brentwood?”  After you analyze that don’t blame “Brentwood” blame yourself or those around you that have scribbled, spat and jumped all over the nine letter word causing it to be downgraded on the totem pole.


  • Seek the good within the Negative

Fact is we are overpopulated, minorities are the majority, there is traffic congestion yet we are a mixed breed with cultural and diverse people which bring forth this melting pot.  So we must learn to cope and live with this, understand and grow from things. There is competition and opportunity to be different. There are things that occur that I wish could be abolished; selling of drugs or of any other illegal activity, gang related activity, discriminatory crimes, acts of violence, deaths- shooting and stabbings-enough is enough, there is so much beyond this community that we should all be looking forward to.  All the time and energy that are put into the above mentioned can be branched out into making Brentwood a better community. There is no need to have such a negative connotation towards this town.


There is good within this community yet the bad overtakes the good. The see-saw is not balanced and everyone needs to stop weighing it down.  Like this town has it crime, drug and gang activity all other surrounding towns have the same yet we get the spotlight so we must try harder as a community to rise above this!  Just because you live in Brentwood it doesn’t mean you have to dress, talk, walk and act a certain way. Dare to be different and rise above. Why must we assimilate?


  • Don’t pass Judgment!

Don’t judge me. I don’t let anyone box me in, label or belittle me. Don’t let anyone judge or label you because you live in the town of Brentwood or any other town that has been degraded.  Such negative connotations cause me to strive to be different and to be that “concrete rose that rises against all odds”.   “It’s not safe, the education isn’t good, people get killed”so on and so forth.  These are things people blurt out when they find out that you’re from the town “Brentwood”.


  • I spy with my little eye

Brentwood is also a town that has an amazing football and soccer team, an awesome science department with people like Samantha Garvey who are above average.  This town gave people like Amaury a template in which he was able to mature and become a leader beyond these walls of Brentwood, working within his college and along with the Obama administration in DC.  Katherine who is pursuing a career in architect, I don’t know about you but I think these people are pretty awesome and doing extravagant things.  I see people studying to be the next generation of teachers, doctors, nurses; I see people apart of our fire department, ambulance and the next generation of police officers, the opportunities are endless.  These are just a small representation of the many great individuals of this town who are going above and beyond. – Just saying ..


  • We are the conductors of our lives, let me conduct this symphony

I believe that no matter where you are raised, whatever town whether good or bad it is up to you to make the best of it. Good upbringing, self motivation and determination are the things that one needs to succeed. Life is what you make it; the glass can either be half empty or half full. I live my life with the glass half full, everyone has a purpose in life and some take longer to figure it out than others and living in the town of Brentwood shouldn’t deter you from becoming whatever you want to be nor should you let it determine who you are.


  • Brentwood does not define or deter my constant progression

I am a daughter of a funny, strong willed mother; a younger sister to three siblings, and an older sister to a brother, a great friend, cousin etc.  I am a lot of things but I am neither Brentwood nor a product of my environment, I am Evelyn Ortiz and I myself can define who I am not “Brentwood”. What I can say is, I embrace education and refrained from involving myself with the negative aspects of the town. I attend college and proud of the person that I am and maturing to be. So to those who frown upon our town and the young ones of this town I would like to say, I have graduated high school in the top 10% of my school with a Regents diploma and I am currently on the Deans List in college, I have not participated in any gang related activity or crimes and I am drug free. So to conclude my semi-rant I want to end off with Brentwood is just a town not anything that can define who we are.


Xo Evelyn Ortiz has spoken *



  • Just a little thought – Brentwood abroad

I love seeing people in my graduating class or those in general who have received their diploma at Brentwood High School whether Ross or Sonderling, motivate and move towards reaching their many goals.  It makes me proud to see those who are shinning brighter than ever, nothing deterred them, and they just leaped for it!  In one shape or form we are all working towards a common goal, to become better than those that told us our education, economic status, background, race, etc. would hinder us.  Whether or not we meet these expectations within the next few weeks, months or years, the objective is to scramble to the top with continual progression.  Don’t give up, you may change paths, walk on different roads, but just keep moving!  I myself am doing well, wish I could do better, but I not only have to say it, I must act upon and do it!  Staying optimistic is the key.



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