Will “Naked News” touch the U.S.?


Naked News is an internet news program that is based in Toronto which has preferably female anchors whom read the news fully nude or strip as they go.  Yes, indeed you have read that correctly – these women strip and or are already nude when they present their daily news segments.  This news program has slowly transformed from the Web and made it to Cable television in which they have converged from the virtual world to the tangible world.  Would “Naked News” be able to be in the mainstream news world?  Imagine having naked news on Good Morning America, CNN, Fox 5 News, News 12, etc – it’s appalling and controversial.

Will the U.S. jump onto the band wagon along with Europe and Asia?  This was created by Fernando Pereira and Kirby Stasyna and it created some attention when it first aired online in 1999.  Naked News promotes themselves as “the program with nothing to hide” – literally.  The program was popularized by word of mouth and reached its height in 2001 with 6 million viewer visitors a month.  CNN had 9 million viewers at the time which is only 2/3 more than the viewers of Naked News.  Fernando and Kirby debuted in 2000 as a web based news-service with an all female cast.  Started off with one female anchor and currently has 10.  Subscriptions were free up to about the year 2004.

Sunrise Corp. is the producer which specializes in the sales of goods and services via the Internet.  They describe Naked News as a “non-pornographic news service that delivers daily news as good as any mainstream international broadcaster” – you only need to be 18 and have a valid credit card in order to subscribe to this.  There is a loop hole in everything and how can anyone confirm a person’s age?  All they have to do is make up a birth date and enter in a debit/credit card number – who really knows if the name registered has to match and confirm the credit/debit card.  “Its offshoot Naked News TV aired as a late-night television series on the Toronto television station Citytv, and (until February 2005) on British satellite channel Get Lucky TV. The show is or has been available on pay-per-view or by subscription in various markets in the U.S., Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and even France (dubbed into French).”

You don’t see men reading off sports news in boxers and stripping in this country.  Naked News is a form of perversion and these women are belittling themselves.  It is known to deliver news fully clothed when delivering news of a death – as if it makes it any better.  Some of these women do feel uncomfortable removing their articles of clothing while news casting however; they may feel some relief staying clothed to deliver sad news.  Nudity while casting the news to me would hinder my view on important news.  How seriously can I take these people?  If that, I don’t even think I would even watch the news.  There is no need to have a strip tease to deliver the daily news.  Fernando Pereira and Kirby Stasyna want to shimmy their program into mainstream and I don’t think this should be a form of delivering news.

I am all for freedom of expression, but what are these women expressing?  Why did Mary Wollstonecraft fight vigorously and believed in feminism so strongly to have established the basis of feminism to only have women in modern day not truly take advantage of this new era.  Political, social, economic equality is what we women are able to be presented with today in 2011.  What social equality level are these women putting themselves on if they are adornments in the news world of Naked News to men?  Mary believed “education held the key to achieving a sense of self-respect and a new self-image that would enable women to put their capacities to good use.”

Women should educate themselves and continue to work towards gaining and maintaining their self respect in this male domineering world.  They should have self worth in their self images and put their capacities to good use in a career in which they don’t have to strip or undress themselves.  Yes it is self expression however, there are other ways to use self expression through out your career or life in general.

Wollstonecraft, the founder of feminism; “undertook the task of helping women to achieve a better life, not only for themselves and for their children, but also for their husbands. Of course, it took more than a century before society began to put her views into effect.”  How can these women achieve better lives for themselves or their possible families by degrading their bodies and mind capabilities?  This may just be my opinion however, Naked News should just keep themselves in the virtual world and it would be a shame if this became widely tangible in the mainstream of the news world.  News is an important matter and it is already embellished so why add to the craziness of the deliverance of news by females removing articles of clothing, their points to me would seem less valid.  How can you or I take these people seriously?  The U.S. does allow a lot of freedom of expression however, if Naked News let’s say breaks from pay per view subscriptions and hits CNN along with other News station, what society would we be living in?


** In a History class, someone mentioned “Naked News” and it made me think and want to do a little research.  This to me is mind boggling!


18 thoughts on “Will “Naked News” touch the U.S.?

  1. Elma M. (@RebirthPhoenix) says:

    I cannot believe that this is actually happening! This just set taking women seriously in the workforce BACK about 150 years!! WHY would a woman demean themselves to this point!?! How are you supposed to become informed about the world when all you are wondering about is how this woman will look without her clothes on!?

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Yeah I could not believe it either, it was mentioned in a class discussion & I was Shocked! I don’t see why these women would demean themselves in this manner also, we have come so far! I guess these women don’t mind having the spotlight at any cost. I seriously would not be able to watch the news if it turned into a “naked news” segment. Smh, I thought news were supposed to be important; what image are these women portraying?! Definitely nothing of importance lol

  2. jannatwrites says:

    This is a ridiculous idea. Seriously, is a man going to really grasp the news read by a lady in bra and panties? I expect their brains would process it something like ” Today in Afghanistan……blah, blah, blah….breasts……”

    Then, wives all over the country would be throwing heavy objects at their significant others to snap them out of the trance…this would lead to the flooding of emergency rooms (or morgues, if their aim was off)…which would lead to more medical claims, which would collapse our already strained healthcare system….which would lead to a further downturn in the economy…

    Okay, so I’m exaggerating the ill-effects…but it really is a bad idea 🙂

  3. futuredoll says:

    Come on! This is so absurd, of course men thought it up & other men thought it was a valid premise for a t.v. show. What is next-jello wrestling over the opposing views?!

  4. princeofarthur says:

    I don’t think there is any way this will make it to the us. Our countries news programs are pretty conservative when it comes to the presentation of who does the news. You may see it on channels like hdnet, but no one could ever take that stuff seriously.

  5. Darvin says:

    You should watch the show for a week or so before you are so critical.

    The reporting is well done and while the nudity does draw in subscribers, it is the news and interest segments that keep them.

    The male/gay version failed due to a lack of support by viewers.

      • Darvin says:

        So you are upset the the deliver and not the content? What is the issue… if a woman chooses to be hired for nude delivery of the news…. why do you wish to deride her for her choice? And if men choose to pay for that delivery of the news what concern is it of yours that they make that choice….. no one is being enslaved / exploited / coerced…. it is the free market… is it the free market you have an issue with?

        And why would you not want to support alternative news sources? I support the Nation of Islam publication without being black or brown eyed… (hence I am the seed of Satan from their point of view)…. viva la diferencia…..!

      • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

        First & foremost I am entitled to my own opinions just like you are entitled to yours. Just because I don’t support that idea, it doesn’t make me wrong. Your the one that obviously has an issue, if you didn’t like my point of view then you need not to attack me. You stated your opinion & mine still stands.

        Its my blog, my opinion, my space & my mind.

        && no one was even speaking of the Nation of Islam nor talking about being black or brown eyed ..

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