Oblivious then Found

Their once was a girl who was oblivious to young teen love.  She didn’t pay much mind to boyfriends and enjoyed having the company of just friends.  But one day a guy approached her and tried to grasp and maintain the attention of her pretty eyes.  He introduced himself as Gerson and she as Emily.  Starting off with a truthful relationship, 3 months later Gerson leaves Emily to go to Florida for a few months.  He selfishly promised to return to be with her, however many months went by.  So, Emily who opened up her heart was left with the question – “why me?”

She was confused as to why he would do this to her but didn’t regret meeting him because they shared the best 3 months of her life.  Emily then found herself vulnerable and allowed anyone to be an eligible boyfriend, in search for that fulfillment of emptiness.  She never let them stick around long enough though…

Gerson kept in contact with her and continued to be her best friend.  But one day Emily opened up her eyes and realized that he may never return and that the boys she was trying to use as replacement wasn’t going to cut it.

So she isolated herself from boys to become independent and learn how to love herself.  About a year went by, and this new young defined now 17 year old young lady was set out into the unpredictable world.

Soon after Gerson tried contacting his lost love.  He called her, she stared at her phone and then finally answered.

She said “why me?”

He replied.  “What are you talking about?”

Emily: “It figures you’re still clueless.  It`s sad.  I have finally decided to finally move onto bigger and better things!”  With that last comment was a CALL ENDED from Emily`s behalf.  She was now left with a cheek to cheek smile at her growth in character.


Summer 2007

Written by me when I was 16 years old.  I enjoyed this short story, so I have decided to share it.  Reflecting on some of the things I have wrote in the past amaze me.  Do any of you go back to something you once did or wrote & are like “Did I really write this or that?” & “Did I really do that?”  I feel like my writing style has a similar voice and has slowly evolved and matured.


7 Things Unveiled

Since, I have been nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award” I must now share with you 7 things; seven things about myself that you may not already know.

  •        I am a child to a pair of parents whom were both born in Puerto Rico.  I have been raised in a Hispanic household.  Eat, breath, speak, and live within this Hispanic culture.  I am Puerto Rican & bilingual; very fluent in Spanish.Looks are deceiving aren’t they? 
  •       The poems that I have posted thus far of mourning & death speak of my father who I lost at the age of nine.  The memories of him and my time spent with him are scarce but it is the only thing that I can loosely hold within me.
  •       I am a full-time college student in transition.  Since my freshman year I was set on becoming a physical therapist with a Doctorate.  Throughout my course of study I realized that this scientific path wasn’t for me (about 3 yrs later).  I completed all my writing courses and felt quite void.  I have now switched majors & will follow my Passion – I have future aspirations of becoming an English & ESL teacher.
  •      I feel as though I am a great writer, I have a lot on my mind that I like to branch out & voice when ironically enough when it comes to orating things I become quite numb.  I get choked up, my heart races, my face gets hot, and I become quite flustered and nervous.  A great writer & orator is the total package!
  •       I live through my words, thoughts and feelings.  I wish my power in orating was as strong as my written verbal message.  Slowly but surely I must flourish and become as vibrant as the potential of the words scrambled in my mind and the thoughts put onto paper.
  •       I love fashion, I consider myself a fashionista.  I enjoy shopping and creating different outfits, the clothes you wear are a reflection of you; a form of expression.  Written work, vocally speaking and appearance are all forms of communication – consciously or subconsciously.
  •       I love cars!  My dream car is a 2012 purple dodge charger SRT8 & my second choice would be a 2012 purple dodge challenger SRT8.  I would want it dropped an inch or two, a set of deep dish chrome rims with a purple lip, purple HID lights, an awesome stereo system, & tints.  Then I would definitely need a great alarm system to keep my baby safe!

    1. —    I hope these seven blurbs about me gave you a little insight. ***

Versatile Blogger Award ! My Nominees !

The Versatile Blogger

I have been nominated by “New View From Here” for the Versatile Blogger award!  I am quite honored and humbled that my little insignificant blog is receiving some recognition from a fellow blogger!  To be nominated along with other bloggers whom I recognize and admire is actually flattering.  Then to my surprise I was nominated once again by “Chris9911” another blogger who I respect and admire.

Each blogger has unique special attributes that separate them from the next; some have similar traits and others stand alone.  Everyone has their own unique voice within their little blog page and together we form a mini community.  We should all be nominated for this award; I browse a lot of marvelous blogs and everyone is quite talented.  Whether or not we dedicate our blog to a specific topic or blog on many topics, it comes together as one.

It is now my turn to share and nominate this award to at least 15 nominees to fellow bloggers.  I have given to those who are following my blog and for the most part actively participate with my blog posts ;-).  I will tweak the suggested amount to a lucky 7!  My blogosphere circle of those whom I interact with or follow is quite comfortable and small. Whether or not you have been previously nominated for an award, this will just add to your belt.

Here are my nominees.

  1. Kayla Cruz
    http://lostgenygirl.wordpress.com  <– A very smart individual.  A wonderful young lady who has a lot to say and is determined to succeed in the work field.  She was my first follower! J I enjoy reading her blog posts; they always make me think & reflect.
  2. ToggyOrderedChowder
    http://toggyorderedchowder.com <– This woman has great descriptive poems && the fact that she was able to read my article “Passion” and learn and reflect from it made my day.  She was one of the first to comment and commend my writing.
  3. thewritingaficionado
    http://thewritingaficionado.wordpress.com <– From writing poems to regular blog posts, they are all quite engaging.  I love reading what she has to say and the pictures that go along with the posts are breathtaking.
  4. chris9911
    http://chris9911.wordpress.com <– This man right here is a wonderful blogger, not only a great writer but he is a wonderful human being.  A family man with a heart of gold and a talent for writing.  He supports my writing and is a amazing commenter!
  5. NewViewFromHere http://newviewfromhere.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/prodigal-avenue/   <– This man has came to my blog, found me though Chris’s blog and now actively leaves me some positive “spam.”  He is a great commenter and quite interesting blog posts.
  6. zen and the art of borderline maintenance
    http://zenandtheartofborderlinemaintenance.com/  <– This blogger definitely is versatile between re-blogging and or original material, everything is quite interesting.  I can learn quick fun facts and enjoy what I am reading at the same time.  Awesome commenter!
  7. JannaTWrites http://jannatwrites.wordpress.com/  <– She posts cute stories and blogs, the material posted is very versatile and quite enjoyable.


If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award as common courtesy & possibly Include a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. (Or change it to 7 as I did to fit into my small circle)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, share 7 things about yourself!

The versatile blogger award

ANOTHER AWARD, I am quite touched and definitely in shock!

Thank you very much. Its an awesome feeling to be recognized by people you look up to !

Chris9911's Blog

versatile blogger award

Now here is something that doesn’t happen to me every day.  Went for a stroll the other day, came back, and this is what I found in my blogger inbox…lol.

I am actually very thrilled to receive this cool recognition because its from a fellow blogger whom I respect tremendously.  All his blogs are well thought out, humorous, and certainly inspirational.  Thank you “Mr. About me” for the nomination.  His blog address is:


Now on with the rules and requirements of this recognition:


VBA Rules

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate…

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Finally Sharing the Love!

I am humbled & quite honored to even be nominated for an award <3.

This experience on wordpress has been quite an interesting & intriguing journey with a great deal of people whom "voice" their inner most thoughts, feelings, attitudes, etc. This little blogosphere community is quite welcoming & supportive.

New View From Here

I posted my response to this award over a week ago.  I’m honored that I was nominated for this award, and now it is time to share the honor with others.  It’s really hard to choose only 15 fellow bloggers, but I’m choosing based upon people who I really enjoy reading, who I don’t *think* have received this (or other) award yet, and those who haven’t stated they host an “award free blog.”  🙂  If you’re nominated, please don’t feel obligated to participate.  And if you aren’t nominated, please don’t be upset!  I’ll be happy to share the love with you next time…just let me know you’re interested.

So, here’s the deal.  Once I nominate you, tell us 7 things about yourself that most of us don’t know.  Then you nominate more people! (15 is the suggestion)  By the way, here is my list of 7 odd facts

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A Day With David Johnson – Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph


A day with David Johnson.


I took on a part time job serving as a companion – someone to talk to, help with medicine & food for a few hours twice a week.  This is a man who is currently living with Parkinson’s disease.  In a nut shell – it is a progressive disorder of the nervous system and affects movement.


David & his wife live in a unique house with many antiques, vintage items, art work, and books.  I had a tour of the house & was in amazement, quite speechless.  There were many things unknown to me and things that were vaguely familiar.  This house is quite vintage & unique, things our grandparents & great grandparents would have been around for, this couple has.  A Quekett Microscope, various Vintage Cameras, transparencies to view in cameras, record players, antique Edison phonographs, etc. & the best part about it – EVERYTHING is still functional!  There is a whole floor dedicated to all his artwork, stained glass & other forms of art.  Then they also have their own little personal library in which antiques and books are stored.  Walking through this house I feel like I am on a field trip!  I am stepping into another world, another dimension in a sense.  It is the “lost reality” of David Johnson`s world as he so calls it.


Before I parted for the day, he mentioned to me that he is fighting to “keep his mind in tact” while the disease is trying to take from it.  So exercising his brain, jogging his mind is what he tries to do while my time is spent there.

Today he played an Edison Diamond Disc phonograph from the 1915-1925 era.  It was quite awesome to see the whole process & experience music from an Edison Diamond Disc phonograph.  It sounded like the background music from the old black & white films.  He cranked the knob on the side of the phonograph slowly -the trick is to not wind it up too tight, the springs inside would be stressed and caused to snap.  Then there was a lever on the inside that controlled the hand & needle that was placed over the disc.  Carefully managing it, he placed the needle over the record.  Music played filling the empty house.  When the music starts to wind down, then you must crank that lever once again.  Once the record is done playing one side, you may flip it over.

Through mechanical energy and no electricity, imagine that.  Imagine winding up your car before driving it & stopping constantly to start it.  Can you picture yourself winding up music in your car or a DJ cranking records to play in the club?  We probably wouldn’t be able to live without our CDs, MP3s, IPods, etc.

I was able to take out my Iphone and snap some quick photos that I would be able to take with me.  Within seconds these photos can be texted, emailed, shared/posted to any site for me to share.  As opposed to years ago when the first camera had to be placed on a tripod; you had to snap a photo and pose and stay in that position without movement for 15 minutes.  Can you imagine, waiting 15 minutes for each individual photo that you wanted to take?  To take it back even further before photographs were invented, there was only sketches of images to keep a memory.  You either drew it yourself or you went to buy the drawing already done.


A day in the David Johnson Household.

Light, at the End of a Tunnel

This picture I took intrigued some thoughts.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel && if you are not able to see the light, then maybe you are facing the situation the wrong way.

The light at the end of the tunnel I will apply to my writing journey.  In a nutshell …

My love for writing began in Middle School.


I wrote rhymes and lyrics then I started to write poetry.  All related just a different way of expressing my thoughts.  Words, thoughts, emotions poured out of me constantly making this writing process a daily routine.  Slowly as I grew up and became consumed with school, work, etc I wrote less.

Finally college bound, I figured I would take up writing again.  Poetry was my first option but then I was introduced into composing Opinion/Editorial articles.  I loved it; I did Fashion & Opinion pieces.  My newfound niches.

Experienced and thinking I could take this writing thing up again at my new college I was sadly rejected!  My ego was shattered; my work was not good enough to be printed.  I categorize myself as an Opinions writer – my writing was said to be “too personal” & that I used “too many rhetorical questions.”  Not given much direction or any other help I decided to finally pick my ego back up and revise these articles.  “Passion” & “LIFE through a Young Lady’s Stance” are the two that I submitted for review after it was revised.  I built myself up again to only have my work DENIED once again.  I was frustrated, flustered, confused, etc.  My writing was rejected because it didn’t meet the requirements of the college && that is a whole other battle! …  There are things printed that I view as not meeting college requirements, but hey that’s just me…

LIFE through a Young Lady`s Stance, had a good review & I was quite overjoyed that someone was able to relate to my article.  Wasn’t to personal was it now?!  Sandra was able to take my thoughts into consideration && even as an advice tool.  It makes me feel quite amazing knowing my writing has touched someone, near or far in any shape or form.

My blog post on Passion was able to speak to my fellow blogger Diana.  This was a great feeling that a complete stranger is calling my work amazing!  && to top if off, she read it twice & took notes from MY BLOG!  My little ‘ol blog ❤.  It is the little things like this that make me want to continue what I am doing.  Even if it is just one person to comment, one like, or one “read” – at least my thoughts have reached someone else & its great when they can relate to my writing in any way.

This particular blogger had over 3,000 hits on his page & took the time to come visit my blog.  A blog that has just begun and is striving to barely reach 100hits per day, gets a compliment from one who is overwhelmed with bloggers.  He pointed out Justin Bieber had over million+ views however I feel like – people like you & I who are able to accumulate views hold more validity that Justin Bieber.  It is all because of his fame that he is able to get so many views.  I rather see the work of REAL people ..

I love the comment “New View From Here” made.  “I think it’s incredible that you just decided you wouldn’t be stifled and went out to “find your own voice” with your own space!”  Quite frankly, his statement is actually quite accurate; I was longing to have a voice and was in search of the right space to solidify it.

Contemplative at first whether or not I should continue to write, I am sure glad that I have stumbled upon WordPress.com & have interacted with such great people within this blogosphere.  We are all linked to this community in search of our own spaces to release our voices.  Whether it is within an audience of 50 hits or a million hits, our voices are being heard in one shape or form.

For those who have been bashed or discouraged, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

& the light at the end of the tunnel applies to any situation, stay positive, keep moving forward and look for alternatives ..

Thanks for reading & I am appreciative of everyone who has “liked”, “commented”, or just read a blog post.  Those off & on the blog community, thank you.  I am very appreciative of all those who support me.  To name a few –  Yvette, Rachel, Jancy, Elma, Irene, Denzel, Kielce, Angie, Terrico, etc.

& Special thanks to my first REBLOG ever ! – The Collaborative Writer


The Bloggers I have mentioned!  All have amazing blogs, check them out!





New View From Here


Time Will Tell

The new breed of a butterfly…

she was so vibrant,

she was just at home in the multicolored garden of roses.

Her wings were so colorful,

Sometimes blended into the red colored rose petals,

And when the leaves started to bud,

She would shade a slight shade of green.

It all began about 21 years ago,

She was in a cocoon waiting to blossom,

Like a rose she sprouted,

And continues to flourish.

Birthed, released from the womb,

She swirled and hurled about in the wind,

Landed on an odd maple brown tree,

She felt comfort,

Everything around her so peaceful and gentle,

Still so young she longed to be consoled.

Live and love life,

Carefree, carefree,

Feeling security,

Within her strong veins,

Head strong and nothing can go wrong,

Nothing can go wrong and she can’t be stopped,

Her wings are stoned gray,

Pain runs through her veins,

A void leaves her hollow,

Black, a touch of darkness upon her wing,

Slowly but surely,

Life goes on,

Time will tell,

Yellow with optimism.

Red for passion and desire,

Moves forward,


Be grateful,


Her wings a shade of blue,

Feeling of stability,

Tranquility and confidence,

Who is she?

Who will she become?

She is not ashamed of anything thus far,

Lives and learns her lessons,

Moves in the right direction,

Don’t back track.

Pleases herself,

And lives just for her,

Nothing is promised,

Things are always temporary,

And where something ends,

Another begins.

An orange sunrise upon her horizons,

She touches a piece of her future,

And sees a bright outlook,

Transformation and purple in exchange,

Dream, Achieve and Aspire.

Peachy with accomplishment,

Time for settlement,

Unified with a bright life,

This multi-colored butterfly is immortal,

There are no boundaries and she will always be free…

Semper Fi

I have always drove past this memorial, and while I was on my way to the park I decided to pull over & walk over.  Located right on Nichols Road, busy with rush hour traffic but it was just me, CoCo Chanel, Angie, Rachel & the Veteran Memorial.  It was quite a nice site and it was dedicated to the Islandia, New York Veterans.  The pavement was laid out in beautiful bricks & the Veterans name each had their own name plate with their name etched.

Dedicated to all Veterans who are currently serving, enlisting, lost their lives and those touched by these courageous characters who have/will serve our country through all military services/fields.

&& to my Bro-In Law who`s a Marine Corp`s Veteran.

United States of America Pride, the flag must not touch the ground =)