To Post, or Not to Post a Status on Facebook?!

What is the purpose of posting a status on Facebook?

Are the post intended to be rhetorical, a closed statement, a status intended to only have agreements or do we want opposing views and open ended discussions?  Well the last time I checked most of us are college students and we able to handle discussions and disagreements.  The way I look I look at it, if YOU post something on Facebook THEN YOU are definitely setting yourself up for at least a “like”, or a written out thought opposing or bashing what has been posted & we then hit “comment”the subconscious war has begun!  Or the post simply gives people a platform to which they judge you by.  If these are things you cannot handle then do not set yourself up for destruction.

America has granted us amendments which guarantee us all freedom of speech & press <3.  You are all able to express your thoughts, commentary, insight, observations, etc freely through one click of a button for the Facebook world to see.  If you have done so, then I will do so also which is within my right!  “You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house” – I will be sure to shatter it.  Evelyn Ortiz does not back down, whether I am in agreement, opposing, or we decide to “agree to disagree” I will argue my point across.  “Opinions are like ass – holes, everyone has one” but if you want to hash it out, come correct and make a valid point.  People that talk just to hear themselves talk get no points in my book; you must have something to say of significance.  If you want to be a douche bag, then you can do so on someone else’s time, please & thank you.

One thing I will not tolerate is disrespectfulness – DON’T TRY TO BELITTLE ME.  I am educated & can fend myself and I will argue, discuss, oppose until I feel the need to be done.  No one else will decide this for me.  If you simply can’t handle the wrath of ELyn then simply unfriend me, do us both the favor!

xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken – *


5 thoughts on “To Post, or Not to Post a Status on Facebook?!

  1. Nas Marshall says:

    The purpose of posting a comment is to express yourself and how your feeling at the moment, usually people who post more comments than others can express themselves better than those who don’t post as much.

  2. Elma M. (@RebirthPhoenix) says:

    People don’t want to stand behind what they say anymore – they want to make a comment (usually controversial) and then run and hide under the ‘it’s my opinion and I don’t need to explain myself to you’ platform. It’s IMHO just a way for them to start something and then run. If you post something that is available to the masses, expect SOMEONE to disagree with you and stand your ground. OTW, you just look like a jerk!!

  3. chris9911 says:

    Looks like I stumbled on a great blog! I never understood the whole facebook phenomena, but I always laugh when sombody posts something radical and they lose handful of “friends” as a result…lol. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen to you 🙂

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Lol, I have a small circle of Fb friends & by now they should know my character & if they cant handle it they should have deleted me by now especially after my blog posts promotions haha. I know like 98% of them personally though ..

      Yeah what I don’t get are people who posts things on Fb & cant handle an opposing view or Opinion. SMh ..

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