Being Over Exposed on Facebook, allows the Lurkers In !

Facebook is a social media network that is quickly taking over the internet and expanding their network of users.  Facebook connects friends, mutual friends, family, co-workers, lurkers, and everyone in between – whether you know it or not.  People are under surveillance constantly – subconsciously/consciously their lives are being broadcasted for the entire world to see.

How much information can you post on your wall and share with the Facebook world without hindering your own self protection?  What pictures can you post without portraying yourself unfit for a career to possible recruiters who may come across your page when deciding your candidacy?

Facebook is a social media network connecting people whom you may not always want to be connected with.  People chronicle their lives obsessively, and even with the safety and privacy settings that are offered on Facebook, the creeps are still able to creep into your backyard so to speak if you are not careful.  Your page is an open channel generally; new friend requests can be pursued through lurkers and people seeking an opportunity to peer into your life.  People then think they know you – but do they really?  Details are embellished and people can present things in any way they wish, truthful or not.  How can you know if the things said, done, and shown on your internet profile portray the real person that you really are in an accurate manner?  No one truly knows the real validity of internet claims unless they have ties with an individual outside the social network pages.

  • Employers and recruiters sway over hiring decisions based on what they can uncover online about a person, sifting through online information about potential job candidates has become a standard practice in the digital era.  Photos posted of you with a beer in your hand, or a photograph of yourself in revealing clothing can seriously hinder a job opportunity.  “In 2009, CareerBuilder found that 45 percent of employers now include a review of social networking sites in the job screening process – a 23 percent increase over 2008.” Thirty five percent of reviewers acknowledged that they have torpedoes a job applicant because of something negative they have found online. 
  • On the flip side, 18 percent said they gave a candidate a job because of something positive that came to their attention of a social media site.  We live in a more public world than ever before, and an online reputation is another thing we must be able to manage along with work history, resumes, recommendations and appearance in order to achieve success.
  • Some people post when they will go on vacation or when they will not be home, which is an open door/opportunity to those lurkers who are waiting to get their hands on your prized possessions.  Ex. A woman in Albany had her home burglarized in March of 2010 by someone she claims she added on Facebook.  The entire burglary was caught on tape.  Two men broke into her home at 8:42pm and that night her and her fiancé were off to see a scheduled concert at 8pm which she had posted on Facebook.  The couple posted many images on Facebook because they were in the process of selling their hom.  Keri publicized the expensive personal possessions in her home and the fact that they would be left unattended at a specific time definitely opened the window of opportunity of burglary. Having images of her home publicized on Facebook lured the suspects in, and proved to be too much for an opportunistic thief to pass up.

I believe that not everything should be shared online with the world; some things should be kept private.  That is what makes a person an individual- our own personal little secrets, experiences, desires, and inner most thoughts.  What is life without some type of individualism?  Not every moment of your life has to be announced, and quite frankly most people don’t care, some do, and others will judge or take advantage of this information being posted on your wall.  As Facebook expands and grows, the network of people expands, and exposure increases. Privacy and securities settings aren’t always enough if lurkers are already within your network.  Facebook is also a media of advantage to stay connected with those you love, acquaintances, colleagues and coworkers however sometimes we ourselves expose too much within these online medias.


2 thoughts on “Being Over Exposed on Facebook, allows the Lurkers In !

  1. Elma M. (@RebirthPhoenix) says:

    The only I don’t agree with is when your employers ‘research’ you online. It’s true that it only takes a moment to make a first impression, but if a picture speaks a thousand words, one is totally screwed if some unplanned, ‘this isn’t what it looks like’ kind of picture shows up as a tagged picture. One bad picture does not identify the kind of person you are. And if you are dumb enough to post that you are going out of town and leaving a house unattended, you deserve to get robbed for being an idiot!

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Yup, these social networks are taking over this current generation and the media world is expanding. I do agree that employers shouldn’t review a persons Facebook when determining if they should be hired. Facebook usually isn’t a good representation of a person and photos shouldn’t hinder there professional career. Work, pleasure and leisure should be kept separated. Many people have their work attitude or face and then they have a I am not working vibe so lets party! Which is most people, the majority aren’t the same person outside of work, there is a time & place for everything.

      && as for the robberies, people expose to much on Facebook, thinking everyone is their friend. Either way, no one can trusted ..

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