The Simple Life of CoCo Chanel

Title:                The Simple Life
Setting:            At Rachel` s House in her bedroom. It is the early morning before she goes to work.
Characters;     Rachel (dog Owner)
                   Coco Chanel (dog)
Coco: (yawning as she thinks to herself)   Soon enough that alarm will sound off .. I can sense it .. and her lazy ass will just roll over and hit snooze and then I must hear it chirp every 10 minutes for another half an hour. My god, doesn’t she know that my ears are sensitive.
Rachel: (alarm sounds) Morning Coco!
Coco: Good morning, yes it is a great morning. The first day that you actually didn’t hit the snooze button. There must be a full moon tonight!
Rachel: I don` t know if there will be a full moon tonight, stop your bitching.. there is a first time for everything.
Coco: Well I am a female dog, so I can’t help to be anything but a bitch =] . ( Coco smirks)
Rachel: (she crawls out of bed & heads to the bathroom) Wut ever!
Coco: (walks over to her wiwi pad) Ahhhh ! Aint nothing better than a morning piss.
Rachel: (she finishes up in the shower and comes to notice..) Oh my god, good girl Coco!   You went on the wiwi pad.
Coco: Yeah, yeah – I guess I have done my good deed for the day. So hurry up & feed me. I want my breakfast woman!
Rachel: I will try my best to get ready quickly, just give me a minute.
Coco: Yeah, umm you mean like hours. I know the drill, and you take forever to get ready. I minus well go back to sleep.
Rachel: That is all you want to do, eat – sleep – play & shit all over the house. Why can’t you go to the bathroom in the outdoors already?
Coco: Yes, yes the life of a bitch. Simple aint it? And no I refuse to use the bathroom outdoors. It is far too cold for that and besides a dog of my caliber will not be seen doing my doggy business out there.
Rachel: For christ sake, you are just a puppy as any other. Using the bathroom in the outdoors is what dogs do!
Coco: Well I have so far been accustomed to the better life. So if you don`t mind, I will be off to my nap now.
Rachel: (ranting) Yeah the life of a dog ..
Coco: (snoring into her sleep) ..
Rachel: (ranting) Eat, shit and sleep. Eat, shit and sleep..
Coco: (snoring away – rolled up into a ball) ..
Rachel: (ranting) While I am at work hustling to make money to put food into her little bowl that she barely appreciates. She is sitting there begging me at the table to have a piece of MY dinner. Why even bother? I think I may want the life of a dog. No responsibility, the simple life ..
Coco: (still asleep) ..
Rachel: (ranting) Eat, shit and sleep. The life of a dog..
Coco: (snoring) ..
Rachel: Okay Coco, it is finally time to eat! Hey wake up, the least you can do is be awake until I leave. Wake up! (she bends over to nudge Coco)
Coco: Hey, lay off will ya? Why would you wake me up for, I was dreaming that I was in a green pasture where I could run for days and I had an unlimited supply of treats.
Rachel: Well, here is your food like you requested. I am off to work. Enjoy. Don`t eat or sleep too much and BE GOOD! I want everything in one piece, stop destroying and chewing on everything.
Coco: Will do, I am sure I will keep that in mind will I eat – shit – and sleep.
Rachel: (charges out the door) See you during my lunch hour.
Coco: (chows down her food) Mhmm this is good! However, it’s not as good as the left overs grandma lets fall off the table or the crumbs that lay on her chest and fall to the floor as she gets up to throw out her plate.

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