55 + Short Stories

Did she make the right decision?  She thought breathlessly to herself.
She had said yes when he asked. They were now both all smiles.
Her heart pounded and told her yes.
Jason thought they both had a good time together.
Alice waited for a phone call to hear him say “good-night” and he was home waiting for an approval of hers.
Should she call? She thought to herself.
Waiting. Neither wanted to make the first move. They both subconsciously reached for their phone and then couldn’t bring themselves to dial.
Jenny`s phone violently vibrated upon her desk, this brought a smile from cheek to cheek. “John texted me” she thought to herself.
In another state of mind, she finally came to realized Mr.Stewart her boss was by her cubby looking down at her.
“Jenny, may I have a word with you,” Mr.Stewart said. Jenny was choked up.
A three car pileup at the red light; glass, red and yellow chipped plastic scattered about.   We were all racing to our destinations. 
All the lights were green until one stop light unexpectedly turned red.  I clenched the wheel and hit the brakes; the car behind me shoved me into crossing the bold white line.
At court; “Your Honor, I swear it wasn’t my fault.”

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