Passion is an emotion distinguished from reason; intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.  What does passion mean to you?  I believe everyone has a passion, find your purpose to life; it is our driving force along with morals and beliefs.  Don’t hide from or just scoop your passion to the side.  Life isn’t about finding your definitive passion but it is about fulfilling your goals, dreams and aspirations all in different degrees.

What is life without passion?  It justifies the reason why we choose to do and follow through with certain aspects within our lives.  Passion gives us reason behind our thoughts and justifies our actions taken and carried out; that is all we need to get us by.  Some have the passion to follow the music industry, art or the free lance type of field.  We may ask why – and it is because they feel it is their passion.  Others may pursue nursing, teaching, journalism, business, etc or they may simply choose to become an entrepreneur.  Some live and breathe their passion day in and day out; enthusiasm and excitement keep you pushing.  Others are simply chasing paper thin dreams based on money and prosperity, money can only keep you happy for so long.  If you pursue what your good at, your calling, or what you love time will go by; years, months, days, hours which will never leave you with the feeling of – now what? Passion.

People are driven to follow and pursue intangible and tangible futures which they aspire to reach sometime in their lifetime.  To each their own, reality must be depicted within the beholder.  Some people are on an inevitable and hopeless timeline while others are placed upon rigid and structured time frame as to when this goal will be reached.  Is this a practical ambition or not depends on perception.  Several pursue their purpose on a part time basis and others make it a full-time priority.  Whether it is a cloudy or pearl crystal clear dream; it is nonetheless a dream.  What is yours?  There are a few questions that you may ask yourself to settle this confusion.

Passion Trivia;

  • Is there anything you love doing?  Anything you love and can read/research about hours upon end?  Ask yourself what makes you smile, loose time and what can you not stop thinking about?  If nothing comes to mind just yet you can brainstorm and then explore these ideas later.
  • Ask others what their passion may be.  Research and find out the many possibilities that can be an opportunity for you – stay open minded.  Think of a time you felt most alive or something that brings you to life.
  • Think back; what did you want to be when you grew up?  What was your fascination?  Think positive and don’t even let your own doubts get in the way of following your passion.  Do not be discouraged, your passion can be sought out in many ways.  If you cannot make a living off of it you can have it as a prized hobby.
  • Look into the future; would you have the same beliefs as you do today?  Would you be happy with the career, work schedule, benefits, and location?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Will you be working or in a masters/graduate program or doing both?  In 10 years will you be happy, satisfied and left with a sense of accomplishment if you continue to trot down the path that you are on now?  If so, power to you and if not; it is never too late.

There are no lines to map out on a timeline to determine when time has run out.  How many times will you hit the snooze button on an alarm clock before your running too late; when is it time to sit down and re-evaluate your life, goals, aspirations and motivations?  It is time to analyze your passion when you find yourself, lacking motivation, dreading going to work/class, and living a repetitive dull lifestyle.  You want to wake up wanting to attend class/go to work, have time fly by while enjoying your craft/career.  Life will not seem so dully repetitive but it will have a vibe that meshes together.

Is it time wasted or time well spent?  My conclusion is that anything that a person has a drive to pursue should be worth their while.  It’s an experience, a lesson learned, an opportunity among other things however it is up to that individual to decide what is best for them.  I believe “it is okay to feel lost, as long as one day you know you will be found.”  Pursue any career, change paths until you find the missing puzzle link.  Time cannot be replenished just look at the glass half full and keep moving forward.  Have a dedication that translates– Passion.


6 thoughts on “PASSI0N

  1. Nas Marshall says:

    Passion to me is the burning desire/ emotion to pursue something that means a lot. Some go after a mate, some go after a career, some go after a childhood dream but as long as it means a lot to you it is considered a passion

  2. ToggyOrderedChowder says:

    This post is truly amazing! I read it once and then read it again while taking notes, lol. I really loved your insight and the words you chose to not only describe “Passion,” but also to allow the readers to understand Passion for themselves. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of it for myself.

    It seems that I now have the right questions to ask myself and really excellent perspectives to keep in mind. Thank you for that! This is a post to be shared. 😀 Diana

    • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken says:

      Thank you very much for your positive words and feedback!

      I truely love the fact that my insight was useful to you. This is one of my favorite blog posts.

      Someone was bashing my writing @ my current college & this comment makes me want to continue My Passion which is writing. I shouldnt let one persons Opinion deter me from writing if I still have many whom will enjoy it.

      You definately made my morning. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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