Do you Give spare change to those who Ask for it?

We all run into these homeless, street beggars, hobos or what ever you may categorize or call these people either daily or once in your life.  The infamous phrase “can you spare a dollar?” or “do you have any extra change?” – They stand on street corners, in front of stores, basically anywhere there is human traffic.  Glued to their post they just harass people all day, do you give these people change?  Never, sometimes, always?

Most of these people are sucking Suffolk County dry and are living off of tax payer’s money.  Yet, they have the audacity to sit here and beg for my hard earned money off of my little part-time job while I am going to school full-time, but nonetheless I busted my ass and worked for it!  I am not saying that some of the people who receive help don’t really need it but most abuse the system …

When I was younger I used to feel bad for these people who approached me however I no longer feel bad for these people – if you are an able body competent enough to stand and ask for change for hours upon end, then you may get yourself a job!  Don’t ask me for change when your sitting their smoking a cigarette.  If they ask me for a small bite to eat or a coffee I would be more apt to accommodate that request; but these beggars are choosers and they chose to only accept money.

I used to see this man stand around and ask for change constantly around the Old Westbury area when I attended school there.  My mom always jokes around and says “those people have more money than we do.”  This man walked with a limp and wanted all to feel pity, and I did until the day I saw his scam with my own eyes.  He was sitting on a bench by Dunkin Donuts counting bundles of money that he had hidden in his pocket and he was without his cane!  I mean like, really?

These people come off passive but once hit with rejection it is a whole other ball park and they become aggressive and sarcastic.  Most people would rather toss their change into a charity then to the beggars because many questions arise.  What is this money used for?  Is it for food, alcohol, drugs?

What factors does one consider before they spare their change?

  • If they are a male or female?
  • If they are healthy or sickly?
  • The weather that particular day.
  • If they are accompanied by a child.

Do these factors have an affect on your decision to give them money or does it have no impact at allFor all those grown ass men who ask me to spare my change or for money – get a job, man up and don’t ask a young lady again for some spare change!  Now to the women, its rare – but come on, let’s get it together; be a lady and stop roaming the streets, do better for yourself.


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