“We Are What We Do”

From Gordon Livingston`s national best seller Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

“We are what we do” and not what we think, say or feel.  Sometimes intentions are unaccomplished; dreams and wishes that are put aside are hopeless because they will never be pursued.  More often times than not we may achieve our expectations but not get what we deserve because we don’t act upon our ideas with a true passion.  Fear withholds the majority back because there is no commitment to gaining a new experience and there is fear of failure ans making mistakes.  There isn’t enough will power  within us ans we can only fill our own voids.

“We are drowning in words, many of which turn out to be lies we tell ourselves or others.”  Livingston says, many people tend to take the easier journey and prefer the “bland, the predictable, and repetitive.”  We need to have the courage to become totally vulnerable to risks and view adversity as an opportunity for growth.  Sometimes we have to fail in order to build ourselves up and know what it is like to be worst off so that we can appreciate what we have, what we have accomplished and what more we may have in store.  Adversity faces us with difficulties that will make us stronger because of the obstacles and the challenges that we must take action in to overcome.

Living in an illusion may make some people happy because they never really face reality however dwelling in words wouldn’t bring me any happiness at all because it is intangible.  Tangible things help measure my success and remind me of my many accomplishments and keep me striving for me.  Society is unhappy since their daily lives are routine and let their past behavior overcome their future behavior.  To maintain happiness I stay on task, get things done and mature in the process and I make sure that I am not a standstill in my life.  We must be committed to and willing to learn from mistakes and not get discouraged by them.

When all is said and done, more is said than done,”  in my response I am in total agreement with “we are what we do”  simply stated with a powerful message in which many decipher in various ways.  However, all in all; actions voice a louder message than what we say we could and will do.


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