The dull past has Withered for I have Vibrantly Came to Bud

My new found interest in writing came to bud all because of my sudden interest in how a fellow classmate in my eighth grade class was able to freestyle and come up with these clever punch lines in any given moment.  He didn’t need any inspiration or any given guidance.  He would just feel for some type of beat and then the clever punch lines were created.  His name was David Grant, and he was the first to contribute to how I became such an avid reader and writer.

One day he sat behind me murmuring a freestyle that caught my attention, so I then told him to repeat it because I wanted to hear it.  I was fascinated at how he was able to come out of the blue with his little talent.  He then said to me one day, “Evelyn, I know that you can write rhymes and I bet when you go home and your out of your shell; you start spittin’ like – yo check it its your girl E.V.E.”  He said that I was just as clever, and if not even smarter than he was; and that everyone can write in their own unique way.

Family, friends and school mates all then began to know me as a rhythmic writer as my English teacher would call me, which then pushed me to continue to improve.  This new enthrallment in rhymes, poems, and lyrics led me to search for a deeper meaning within my reading.  I read a book called the Rose that Grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur that opened the gates to the profound symbols and imagery that literature has to offer.  I then became a writer who wanted to possess and convey messages within my writing.  I now had a purpose, to voice all my opinions, emotions, observations and experiences.  I wrote many poems, rhymes, short stories and when it came to academics I applied my unique character to all my papers.

I once was a pupil who blended into the crowd who has flourished into a passionate writer and a more proficient reader who is aware of the surprises that literature beholds.  reading and writing bring me into another dimension in which I can live through my writing and have a bolder voice than if I were to read aloud.  My pen touches the paper  or my fingertips touch my keyboard; my mind begins to spill and I play Scrabble with thoughts in my head until these lost thoughts puzzle in to make a complete picture.

When I read, the shades, colors and tones are highlighted through great volumes upon many directions.  The imagery in writing, the similes, metaphors, personification and symbolism are what speak to me while my eyes strike along the page.  Reading for me has a purpose, a purpose mainly to inform and entertain.  Reading frees the mind, and it offers new creative perspectives around the world.  Literature conveys profound thoughts and rich emotions through it can stimulate us intellectually and emotionally beyond our life experiences.  I can taste the literature coming to life.

Many people have their epiphany when it comes to reading and writing at an early stage.  However the flame was always burning within me, but it wasnt until about eighth grade that David Grant was able to ignite that fire.  Once in a dense fog, I am now in the light similar to Malcolm XI when he discovered a diligence and passion when in it comes to literacy.  Reading, writing, and speaking all come hand in hand, and each has  a positive effect on the person that I have become.  Reading has inspired me to posses and convey my own intellect in order to give others the same satisfaction that literacy feeds me, and for this I can speak of my own experiences and have become a better orator while sharing with my audience.

When I was younger I used to bring fourth my frustrations into rhymes,

A lyricist, poet, an interpreter of my mind,

Now that I am older I have channeled these thoughts and words into writing,

An intellectual and composed way of expressing,

Ladie E lyricist has transformed into a columnist with an “Evelyn Says”,

That same girl that flowed wit consistency has now developed mature credentials as a good writer,

I now write articles, it is a great part of me,

Rhythm, words, thoughts constantly run through my veins,

Naturally, I just love literature,

Hip-hop, lyricism, rhymes, writing – this defines me

– Xo Evelyn Ortiz Has Spoken 

Evelyn Ortiz ; Writer / Editor vs. Poet/Lyricist 


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