I think it was well said by Nicki Minaj when she stated “To live, doesn’t mean you’re alive.”  Life changes, life is made up of stages, stepping stones, obstacles and hardships.  Sometimes the things we endure let us enjoy the better and finer things in life that come along thereafter.  To be alive and to actually be more than a mindless soul just going through a daily routine without significance are different two things.

Life is what you make it; it can either be half full or half empty.  You can learn from your mistakes and grow from them or you can continue to trip and fall over the same mistakes.  The objective is to mature and gain an experience through the things we experience.  Everyone has a purpose in life and some may take longer to figure it out than others and some can get lost along the way but the goal is to keep an eye on the prize and too never lose track; determination and perseverance is key.

I think we all reach a point in our lives where we have to put things into perspective which may change our perception of our family, friends, goals, careers, our past, and our futures, etc.  The past is what makes us who we are; we can either be content with all things endured or we can change and mold ourselves toward a better future.  There are many paths, trials and tribulations and we may not always know where we are destined to be; but we shall accept this for only time can tell.

Though I am 21 years young I have so far acknowledged that; power is knowledge, friends aren’t always who you think they are and it is sometimes best to leave them all behind in the past even if it means to stand alone, my family is my backbone, my education comes above all and is the means to my future, it is okay to sometimes feel lost as long as one day you know you will be found, and I am stronger than those who try to knock my hustle.

Things I live by and believe in;

  1. Staying true to my family – The one thing that is solid in life; each individual has a purpose and a special place in my heart.
  2. Staying true to myself – I have motives in life and values; I will never lower myself from my pedestal to fall upon the levels below me.
  3. Treat others the way I want to be treated. Karma isn’t quite nice when she comes back in our direction.
  4. I will not let ANYONE belittle me.  I am shy but assertive.
  5. Don’t let yourself be fearful of letting go of things that shouldn’t be worth your time.
  6. 6.      When one thing is put to an end another door will open and opportunity will appear.
  7. Things that don’t break you can only make you a greater individual – you will be all the more wiser and experienced.

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