Being Over Exposed on Facebook, allows the Lurkers In !

Facebook is a social media network that is quickly taking over the internet and expanding their network of users.  Facebook connects friends, mutual friends, family, co-workers, lurkers, and everyone in between – whether you know it or not.  People are under surveillance constantly – subconsciously/consciously their lives are being broadcasted for the entire world to see.

How much information can you post on your wall and share with the Facebook world without hindering your own self protection?  What pictures can you post without portraying yourself unfit for a career to possible recruiters who may come across your page when deciding your candidacy?

Facebook is a social media network connecting people whom you may not always want to be connected with.  People chronicle their lives obsessively, and even with the safety and privacy settings that are offered on Facebook, the creeps are still able to creep into your backyard so to speak if you are not careful.  Your page is an open channel generally; new friend requests can be pursued through lurkers and people seeking an opportunity to peer into your life.  People then think they know you – but do they really?  Details are embellished and people can present things in any way they wish, truthful or not.  How can you know if the things said, done, and shown on your internet profile portray the real person that you really are in an accurate manner?  No one truly knows the real validity of internet claims unless they have ties with an individual outside the social network pages.

  • Employers and recruiters sway over hiring decisions based on what they can uncover online about a person, sifting through online information about potential job candidates has become a standard practice in the digital era.  Photos posted of you with a beer in your hand, or a photograph of yourself in revealing clothing can seriously hinder a job opportunity.  “In 2009, CareerBuilder found that 45 percent of employers now include a review of social networking sites in the job screening process – a 23 percent increase over 2008.” Thirty five percent of reviewers acknowledged that they have torpedoes a job applicant because of something negative they have found online. 
  • On the flip side, 18 percent said they gave a candidate a job because of something positive that came to their attention of a social media site.  We live in a more public world than ever before, and an online reputation is another thing we must be able to manage along with work history, resumes, recommendations and appearance in order to achieve success.
  • Some people post when they will go on vacation or when they will not be home, which is an open door/opportunity to those lurkers who are waiting to get their hands on your prized possessions.  Ex. A woman in Albany had her home burglarized in March of 2010 by someone she claims she added on Facebook.  The entire burglary was caught on tape.  Two men broke into her home at 8:42pm and that night her and her fiancé were off to see a scheduled concert at 8pm which she had posted on Facebook.  The couple posted many images on Facebook because they were in the process of selling their hom.  Keri publicized the expensive personal possessions in her home and the fact that they would be left unattended at a specific time definitely opened the window of opportunity of burglary. Having images of her home publicized on Facebook lured the suspects in, and proved to be too much for an opportunistic thief to pass up.

I believe that not everything should be shared online with the world; some things should be kept private.  That is what makes a person an individual- our own personal little secrets, experiences, desires, and inner most thoughts.  What is life without some type of individualism?  Not every moment of your life has to be announced, and quite frankly most people don’t care, some do, and others will judge or take advantage of this information being posted on your wall.  As Facebook expands and grows, the network of people expands, and exposure increases. Privacy and securities settings aren’t always enough if lurkers are already within your network.  Facebook is also a media of advantage to stay connected with those you love, acquaintances, colleagues and coworkers however sometimes we ourselves expose too much within these online medias.


To Post, or Not to Post a Status on Facebook?!

What is the purpose of posting a status on Facebook?

Are the post intended to be rhetorical, a closed statement, a status intended to only have agreements or do we want opposing views and open ended discussions?  Well the last time I checked most of us are college students and we able to handle discussions and disagreements.  The way I look I look at it, if YOU post something on Facebook THEN YOU are definitely setting yourself up for at least a “like”, or a written out thought opposing or bashing what has been posted & we then hit “comment”the subconscious war has begun!  Or the post simply gives people a platform to which they judge you by.  If these are things you cannot handle then do not set yourself up for destruction.

America has granted us amendments which guarantee us all freedom of speech & press <3.  You are all able to express your thoughts, commentary, insight, observations, etc freely through one click of a button for the Facebook world to see.  If you have done so, then I will do so also which is within my right!  “You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house” – I will be sure to shatter it.  Evelyn Ortiz does not back down, whether I am in agreement, opposing, or we decide to “agree to disagree” I will argue my point across.  “Opinions are like ass – holes, everyone has one” but if you want to hash it out, come correct and make a valid point.  People that talk just to hear themselves talk get no points in my book; you must have something to say of significance.  If you want to be a douche bag, then you can do so on someone else’s time, please & thank you.

One thing I will not tolerate is disrespectfulness – DON’T TRY TO BELITTLE ME.  I am educated & can fend myself and I will argue, discuss, oppose until I feel the need to be done.  No one else will decide this for me.  If you simply can’t handle the wrath of ELyn then simply unfriend me, do us both the favor!

xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken – *

L I F E through a Young Lady`s Stance


          “A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life” – James Allen.  I think we all reach a point in our lives where we have to put things into perspective which will change our perception on the many components of our life.  Family, friends, significant others, jobs, futures, etc. are all put under the microscope.  Life changes, life is made up of stages, stepping stones, obstacles and hardships.  There comes a time when we realize that we are the musical conductors of our individual songs and we are writing our own storybook – we are the directors.

          “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better”– Ralph Waldo Emerson.  You can both learn and grow from your mistakes; or you can continue to trip and fall over those same mistakes.  The objective is to mature and gain knowledge through the things we endure.  Everyone has a purpose in life; some may take longer to figure it out than others and some may get lost along the way, but the goal is to never lose that focus.  Determination and perseverance is key.

The past is what makes us who we are; we can either be content with all things undergone or we can change and mold ourselves toward a better future.  There are many paths, trials and tribulations and we may not always know where we are destined to be; but you will eventually end up where you need to be.

“Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Life is beauty, admire it.

Life is a duty, complete it.

Life is too precious, do not destroy it.

Life is life, fight for it.”

                                                                        —- Some phrases of Mother Teresa

Things to think about;

  1. “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ― Anaïs Nin.  Perception and the way we perceive things affect our judgment.
  2. Actions speak in greater volumes than words.  “We are what we do” – think before you speak, lead your own example, take action and don’t just speak upon things!
  3. What is solid in your life?  What or whom is your backbone?  Stay true to this.  Many people will leave imprints in your life but only a chosen few will last forever while others will be eroded away.
  4. Stay true to yourself – your culture, religion, values and morals.  Never remove yourself from the pedestal that you have placed yourself upon; allow others to join you up top for you are above them.
  5. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Karma isn’t quite nice when she comes back in our direction.  Some people are too quick to act on impulse, the world is quite small – you don’t want to burn your bridges.  Be mature about certain situations.
  6. Don’t allow yourself to be stepped on, belittled, or disrespected.  Have no fear of moving on from things that are not worth your time.  Things that don’t break you can only make you a greater individual – you will be all the more wiser and experienced.
  7. When one thing is put to an end another door will open and a new opportunity will arise.

55 + Short Stories

Did she make the right decision?  She thought breathlessly to herself.
She had said yes when he asked. They were now both all smiles.
Her heart pounded and told her yes.
Jason thought they both had a good time together.
Alice waited for a phone call to hear him say “good-night” and he was home waiting for an approval of hers.
Should she call? She thought to herself.
Waiting. Neither wanted to make the first move. They both subconsciously reached for their phone and then couldn’t bring themselves to dial.
Jenny`s phone violently vibrated upon her desk, this brought a smile from cheek to cheek. “John texted me” she thought to herself.
In another state of mind, she finally came to realized Mr.Stewart her boss was by her cubby looking down at her.
“Jenny, may I have a word with you,” Mr.Stewart said. Jenny was choked up.
A three car pileup at the red light; glass, red and yellow chipped plastic scattered about.   We were all racing to our destinations. 
All the lights were green until one stop light unexpectedly turned red.  I clenched the wheel and hit the brakes; the car behind me shoved me into crossing the bold white line.
At court; “Your Honor, I swear it wasn’t my fault.”

First Memory *

My childhood or half my life gone, in the past.   With that withered away my bold rock – he only knew me as his little girl. New home, new beginning – also an end. He barely came to know his new home. Cancer – Doctors- Hospital. He kissed and hugged me good-bye. I wrapped my arms around his belly as we shared this last moment together. He bent over and kissed me on my forehead. We both knew it was a farewell forever. A child knows, I felt the tension. It was a mutual feeling, understanding. Now I am forever void and this memory lives vivid in the conscious mind.

The Simple Life of CoCo Chanel

Title:                The Simple Life
Setting:            At Rachel` s House in her bedroom. It is the early morning before she goes to work.
Characters;     Rachel (dog Owner)
                   Coco Chanel (dog)
Coco: (yawning as she thinks to herself)   Soon enough that alarm will sound off .. I can sense it .. and her lazy ass will just roll over and hit snooze and then I must hear it chirp every 10 minutes for another half an hour. My god, doesn’t she know that my ears are sensitive.
Rachel: (alarm sounds) Morning Coco!
Coco: Good morning, yes it is a great morning. The first day that you actually didn’t hit the snooze button. There must be a full moon tonight!
Rachel: I don` t know if there will be a full moon tonight, stop your bitching.. there is a first time for everything.
Coco: Well I am a female dog, so I can’t help to be anything but a bitch =] . ( Coco smirks)
Rachel: (she crawls out of bed & heads to the bathroom) Wut ever!
Coco: (walks over to her wiwi pad) Ahhhh ! Aint nothing better than a morning piss.
Rachel: (she finishes up in the shower and comes to notice..) Oh my god, good girl Coco!   You went on the wiwi pad.
Coco: Yeah, yeah – I guess I have done my good deed for the day. So hurry up & feed me. I want my breakfast woman!
Rachel: I will try my best to get ready quickly, just give me a minute.
Coco: Yeah, umm you mean like hours. I know the drill, and you take forever to get ready. I minus well go back to sleep.
Rachel: That is all you want to do, eat – sleep – play & shit all over the house. Why can’t you go to the bathroom in the outdoors already?
Coco: Yes, yes the life of a bitch. Simple aint it? And no I refuse to use the bathroom outdoors. It is far too cold for that and besides a dog of my caliber will not be seen doing my doggy business out there.
Rachel: For christ sake, you are just a puppy as any other. Using the bathroom in the outdoors is what dogs do!
Coco: Well I have so far been accustomed to the better life. So if you don`t mind, I will be off to my nap now.
Rachel: (ranting) Yeah the life of a dog ..
Coco: (snoring into her sleep) ..
Rachel: (ranting) Eat, shit and sleep. Eat, shit and sleep..
Coco: (snoring away – rolled up into a ball) ..
Rachel: (ranting) While I am at work hustling to make money to put food into her little bowl that she barely appreciates. She is sitting there begging me at the table to have a piece of MY dinner. Why even bother? I think I may want the life of a dog. No responsibility, the simple life ..
Coco: (still asleep) ..
Rachel: (ranting) Eat, shit and sleep. The life of a dog..
Coco: (snoring) ..
Rachel: Okay Coco, it is finally time to eat! Hey wake up, the least you can do is be awake until I leave. Wake up! (she bends over to nudge Coco)
Coco: Hey, lay off will ya? Why would you wake me up for, I was dreaming that I was in a green pasture where I could run for days and I had an unlimited supply of treats.
Rachel: Well, here is your food like you requested. I am off to work. Enjoy. Don`t eat or sleep too much and BE GOOD! I want everything in one piece, stop destroying and chewing on everything.
Coco: Will do, I am sure I will keep that in mind will I eat – shit – and sleep.
Rachel: (charges out the door) See you during my lunch hour.
Coco: (chows down her food) Mhmm this is good! However, it’s not as good as the left overs grandma lets fall off the table or the crumbs that lay on her chest and fall to the floor as she gets up to throw out her plate.

Do you Give spare change to those who Ask for it?

We all run into these homeless, street beggars, hobos or what ever you may categorize or call these people either daily or once in your life.  The infamous phrase “can you spare a dollar?” or “do you have any extra change?” – They stand on street corners, in front of stores, basically anywhere there is human traffic.  Glued to their post they just harass people all day, do you give these people change?  Never, sometimes, always?

Most of these people are sucking Suffolk County dry and are living off of tax payer’s money.  Yet, they have the audacity to sit here and beg for my hard earned money off of my little part-time job while I am going to school full-time, but nonetheless I busted my ass and worked for it!  I am not saying that some of the people who receive help don’t really need it but most abuse the system …

When I was younger I used to feel bad for these people who approached me however I no longer feel bad for these people – if you are an able body competent enough to stand and ask for change for hours upon end, then you may get yourself a job!  Don’t ask me for change when your sitting their smoking a cigarette.  If they ask me for a small bite to eat or a coffee I would be more apt to accommodate that request; but these beggars are choosers and they chose to only accept money.

I used to see this man stand around and ask for change constantly around the Old Westbury area when I attended school there.  My mom always jokes around and says “those people have more money than we do.”  This man walked with a limp and wanted all to feel pity, and I did until the day I saw his scam with my own eyes.  He was sitting on a bench by Dunkin Donuts counting bundles of money that he had hidden in his pocket and he was without his cane!  I mean like, really?

These people come off passive but once hit with rejection it is a whole other ball park and they become aggressive and sarcastic.  Most people would rather toss their change into a charity then to the beggars because many questions arise.  What is this money used for?  Is it for food, alcohol, drugs?

What factors does one consider before they spare their change?

  • If they are a male or female?
  • If they are healthy or sickly?
  • The weather that particular day.
  • If they are accompanied by a child.

Do these factors have an affect on your decision to give them money or does it have no impact at allFor all those grown ass men who ask me to spare my change or for money – get a job, man up and don’t ask a young lady again for some spare change!  Now to the women, its rare – but come on, let’s get it together; be a lady and stop roaming the streets, do better for yourself.



Passion is an emotion distinguished from reason; intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.  What does passion mean to you?  I believe everyone has a passion, find your purpose to life; it is our driving force along with morals and beliefs.  Don’t hide from or just scoop your passion to the side.  Life isn’t about finding your definitive passion but it is about fulfilling your goals, dreams and aspirations all in different degrees.

What is life without passion?  It justifies the reason why we choose to do and follow through with certain aspects within our lives.  Passion gives us reason behind our thoughts and justifies our actions taken and carried out; that is all we need to get us by.  Some have the passion to follow the music industry, art or the free lance type of field.  We may ask why – and it is because they feel it is their passion.  Others may pursue nursing, teaching, journalism, business, etc or they may simply choose to become an entrepreneur.  Some live and breathe their passion day in and day out; enthusiasm and excitement keep you pushing.  Others are simply chasing paper thin dreams based on money and prosperity, money can only keep you happy for so long.  If you pursue what your good at, your calling, or what you love time will go by; years, months, days, hours which will never leave you with the feeling of – now what? Passion.

People are driven to follow and pursue intangible and tangible futures which they aspire to reach sometime in their lifetime.  To each their own, reality must be depicted within the beholder.  Some people are on an inevitable and hopeless timeline while others are placed upon rigid and structured time frame as to when this goal will be reached.  Is this a practical ambition or not depends on perception.  Several pursue their purpose on a part time basis and others make it a full-time priority.  Whether it is a cloudy or pearl crystal clear dream; it is nonetheless a dream.  What is yours?  There are a few questions that you may ask yourself to settle this confusion.

Passion Trivia;

  • Is there anything you love doing?  Anything you love and can read/research about hours upon end?  Ask yourself what makes you smile, loose time and what can you not stop thinking about?  If nothing comes to mind just yet you can brainstorm and then explore these ideas later.
  • Ask others what their passion may be.  Research and find out the many possibilities that can be an opportunity for you – stay open minded.  Think of a time you felt most alive or something that brings you to life.
  • Think back; what did you want to be when you grew up?  What was your fascination?  Think positive and don’t even let your own doubts get in the way of following your passion.  Do not be discouraged, your passion can be sought out in many ways.  If you cannot make a living off of it you can have it as a prized hobby.
  • Look into the future; would you have the same beliefs as you do today?  Would you be happy with the career, work schedule, benefits, and location?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Will you be working or in a masters/graduate program or doing both?  In 10 years will you be happy, satisfied and left with a sense of accomplishment if you continue to trot down the path that you are on now?  If so, power to you and if not; it is never too late.

There are no lines to map out on a timeline to determine when time has run out.  How many times will you hit the snooze button on an alarm clock before your running too late; when is it time to sit down and re-evaluate your life, goals, aspirations and motivations?  It is time to analyze your passion when you find yourself, lacking motivation, dreading going to work/class, and living a repetitive dull lifestyle.  You want to wake up wanting to attend class/go to work, have time fly by while enjoying your craft/career.  Life will not seem so dully repetitive but it will have a vibe that meshes together.

Is it time wasted or time well spent?  My conclusion is that anything that a person has a drive to pursue should be worth their while.  It’s an experience, a lesson learned, an opportunity among other things however it is up to that individual to decide what is best for them.  I believe “it is okay to feel lost, as long as one day you know you will be found.”  Pursue any career, change paths until you find the missing puzzle link.  Time cannot be replenished just look at the glass half full and keep moving forward.  Have a dedication that translates– Passion.

The dull past has Withered for I have Vibrantly Came to Bud

My new found interest in writing came to bud all because of my sudden interest in how a fellow classmate in my eighth grade class was able to freestyle and come up with these clever punch lines in any given moment.  He didn’t need any inspiration or any given guidance.  He would just feel for some type of beat and then the clever punch lines were created.  His name was David Grant, and he was the first to contribute to how I became such an avid reader and writer.

One day he sat behind me murmuring a freestyle that caught my attention, so I then told him to repeat it because I wanted to hear it.  I was fascinated at how he was able to come out of the blue with his little talent.  He then said to me one day, “Evelyn, I know that you can write rhymes and I bet when you go home and your out of your shell; you start spittin’ like – yo check it its your girl E.V.E.”  He said that I was just as clever, and if not even smarter than he was; and that everyone can write in their own unique way.

Family, friends and school mates all then began to know me as a rhythmic writer as my English teacher would call me, which then pushed me to continue to improve.  This new enthrallment in rhymes, poems, and lyrics led me to search for a deeper meaning within my reading.  I read a book called the Rose that Grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur that opened the gates to the profound symbols and imagery that literature has to offer.  I then became a writer who wanted to possess and convey messages within my writing.  I now had a purpose, to voice all my opinions, emotions, observations and experiences.  I wrote many poems, rhymes, short stories and when it came to academics I applied my unique character to all my papers.

I once was a pupil who blended into the crowd who has flourished into a passionate writer and a more proficient reader who is aware of the surprises that literature beholds.  reading and writing bring me into another dimension in which I can live through my writing and have a bolder voice than if I were to read aloud.  My pen touches the paper  or my fingertips touch my keyboard; my mind begins to spill and I play Scrabble with thoughts in my head until these lost thoughts puzzle in to make a complete picture.

When I read, the shades, colors and tones are highlighted through great volumes upon many directions.  The imagery in writing, the similes, metaphors, personification and symbolism are what speak to me while my eyes strike along the page.  Reading for me has a purpose, a purpose mainly to inform and entertain.  Reading frees the mind, and it offers new creative perspectives around the world.  Literature conveys profound thoughts and rich emotions through it can stimulate us intellectually and emotionally beyond our life experiences.  I can taste the literature coming to life.

Many people have their epiphany when it comes to reading and writing at an early stage.  However the flame was always burning within me, but it wasnt until about eighth grade that David Grant was able to ignite that fire.  Once in a dense fog, I am now in the light similar to Malcolm XI when he discovered a diligence and passion when in it comes to literacy.  Reading, writing, and speaking all come hand in hand, and each has  a positive effect on the person that I have become.  Reading has inspired me to posses and convey my own intellect in order to give others the same satisfaction that literacy feeds me, and for this I can speak of my own experiences and have become a better orator while sharing with my audience.

When I was younger I used to bring fourth my frustrations into rhymes,

A lyricist, poet, an interpreter of my mind,

Now that I am older I have channeled these thoughts and words into writing,

An intellectual and composed way of expressing,

Ladie E lyricist has transformed into a columnist with an “Evelyn Says”,

That same girl that flowed wit consistency has now developed mature credentials as a good writer,

I now write articles, it is a great part of me,

Rhythm, words, thoughts constantly run through my veins,

Naturally, I just love literature,

Hip-hop, lyricism, rhymes, writing – this defines me

– Xo Evelyn Ortiz Has Spoken 

Evelyn Ortiz ; Writer / Editor vs. Poet/Lyricist 

“We Are What We Do”

From Gordon Livingston`s national best seller Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

“We are what we do” and not what we think, say or feel.  Sometimes intentions are unaccomplished; dreams and wishes that are put aside are hopeless because they will never be pursued.  More often times than not we may achieve our expectations but not get what we deserve because we don’t act upon our ideas with a true passion.  Fear withholds the majority back because there is no commitment to gaining a new experience and there is fear of failure ans making mistakes.  There isn’t enough will power  within us ans we can only fill our own voids.

“We are drowning in words, many of which turn out to be lies we tell ourselves or others.”  Livingston says, many people tend to take the easier journey and prefer the “bland, the predictable, and repetitive.”  We need to have the courage to become totally vulnerable to risks and view adversity as an opportunity for growth.  Sometimes we have to fail in order to build ourselves up and know what it is like to be worst off so that we can appreciate what we have, what we have accomplished and what more we may have in store.  Adversity faces us with difficulties that will make us stronger because of the obstacles and the challenges that we must take action in to overcome.

Living in an illusion may make some people happy because they never really face reality however dwelling in words wouldn’t bring me any happiness at all because it is intangible.  Tangible things help measure my success and remind me of my many accomplishments and keep me striving for me.  Society is unhappy since their daily lives are routine and let their past behavior overcome their future behavior.  To maintain happiness I stay on task, get things done and mature in the process and I make sure that I am not a standstill in my life.  We must be committed to and willing to learn from mistakes and not get discouraged by them.

When all is said and done, more is said than done,”  in my response I am in total agreement with “we are what we do”  simply stated with a powerful message in which many decipher in various ways.  However, all in all; actions voice a louder message than what we say we could and will do.